Sharon Sara Saji Sharon Sara Saji

It is my joy and pleasure to share my experiences and the values I had imbibed from this great university. Before I begin, I thank God Almighty, for enabling me to do much more than I dreamt and helped me to come out as a bright student of the Aerospace Engineering department. God was faithful enough to give me a CGPA of 9.16 and an on-campus placement in Infosys. He opened a job opportunity in my core area in Team Indus- Axiom Research Labs. Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, where I started working even before my graduation. “One in a million, we are God’s choice”, a familiar line, which reminds me why I landed up in Karunya University, even though I never planned it before. In the last four years, I have been transformed from a kiddish schoolgirl to a mature, responsible and young professional. For this, I owe a great deal to God, parents, staff and friends. I take this moment to gladly remember their help, moral support and the knowledge they imparted to me. To mention some, I have come across staff who were really encouraging, who were ready to clear even the silliest doubt and finally staff who tried to impart knowledge as well as moral values. I am thankful to my professor and project guide who directed me to the company where I am working now. I am proud that the excellent teaching and the infrastructure provided by the department are certainly on par with any of the top colleges in India. And talking about friends, there were a few who were a support when I was startled in this new system and surrounding, friends who encouraged, friends who sneered at me to mould me as a better person and friends to whom I could share everything. Staying in Karunya was fun with birthday parties, hanging out, Industrial Visits and much more. And surely, I miss the morning assembly and prayer cells which used to be an encouragement for the whole day. To be frank, I enjoyed the response or the excitement of my relatives and friends, when they came to know that I am placed in a core company after my B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering. The joy of explaining to them about the various facts of this fascinating Engineering is great. I am proud when they compare me with the great astronauts of all times. Those sleepless nights before the submission of assignments, tensed days before the exams and strenuous preparations for the placement interviews are worth it now. In short, as a proud Karunyan, I will cherish all these throughout my life.

Venkata Sai KrishnaVenkata Sai Krishna

My name is Venkata Sai Krishna and I belong to the batch of 2017 of the Aerospace Engineering department. Right from the day I stepped into the department, the faculty at the department motivated and supported me to achieve what I am today in my life. I had the opportunity of learning from veteran Scientists, Industrial experts and well-learned faculty team. It was here that I realised that the greater your goal in life the harder you have to push yourself. The lab facilities at the department are of top notch where I obtained my motivation to excel in the field of Aerospace Engineering. The workshops and symposiums organized by the department were very helpful in understanding the latest developments in this field. I was motivated us the faculty to deliver seminars on recent advancements and that helped me not only to sharpen my technical knowledge but also my communication skills and confidence.

Because of these, I was able to secure a GATE score of 526/1000 (AIR 103) in the Aerospace Engineering discipline in 2017 and a score of 752/1000 (AIR 44) in 2019. True to its vision of raising leaders to serve the humanity, am serving the Nation at the Defence Research Development Organization in the capacity of Scientist B. I am ever indebted to Karunya University and the Aerospace Engineering department for enabling me to be who I am today.

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