Patent Published

Deflagration To Detonation Supersonic Igniter

Patent No: 201941026005
Dr. Aldin Justin Sundararaj, Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Ms. Vinitha M Samuel PR16AE002, M.Tech batch 2016-18

In deflagration to detonation supersonic igniter the fuel and oxidizer is ignited with a conventional spark plug. The flame thus developed is made to travel through a Shchelkin spiral placed inside the tube. The spiral acted as a blockage and the subsonic flame gets converted to detonation wave. A introduction of secondary source of fuel in the detonating tube results in an effective enhancement of ignition in detonation engines. The supersonic igniter can be used to initiate supersonic /detonating wave in high enthalpy engines like Pulse Detonation Engines (PDE), Continuous Rotating Detonation Engines (CRDE).

Improved Blowing Suction System (IBSS) for enhanced aerodynamic performance in aircraft wing

Patent No: 202041046416 A
Dr. G. Jims John Wewssley, Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Mr. K. Balaji RPK17AE001, Ph.D scholar

The present invention discloses an Improved Blowing Suction System for enhanced aerodynamic performance of aircraft wing. The Improved Blowing Suction System comprises of disposing on aircraft wing, a Pump connected with an injection port on one end and a suction port on another end to create additional flow over aircraft wing without disturbing main flow and effectively controlling boundary layer separation. The system of the present invention characterized in positioning of the injection port at maximum thickness point (separation point) which is starting point of boundary layer separation in aerofoil and characterized in positioning of suction port at point where circulation is created near trailing edge of aerofoil thereby introducing additional flow at exact location of flow separation and creating suction at location where circulation exists at aerofoil with improved stalling angle of attack and increased lift.