Dr. G. Jims John Wessley Assistant Professor, Head i/c
[email protected]
Specialization: Thermal, Heat Transfer
Dr. R K Sharma Professor
[email protected]
Specialization: Space dynamics
Dr. Aldin Justin Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Specialization: Propulsion, Shock wave , Engineering Design
Mrs. R.Gayathri Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Specialization: Aircraft structure, Finite Element Analysis
Dr. S. Venkatachalam Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Specialization: Aircraft Structures
Dr. Praveen Vijaya Raj. P Assistant Professor
[email protected]
Specialization: Optimization techniques, Supply chain Management, Aerodynamics
Mr. Selvin Raja Y Administrative Staff
[email protected]
Mr. V. Kumar Y Lab Technician
[email protected]

Adjunct Faculty

Jasper Lal
Mr. Jasper Lal Retired from VSSC
33 years of experience
Mr. Joseph Machnaim Chief Engineer
General Aeronautics Pvt Ltd, Society for Innovation and Development, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Mr.S.Bhanu Kumar
Mr.S.Bhanu Kumar Founder
ARRA Associates, Chennai
Sundararajan V
Mr.Sundararajan V Advisor of Aerospace Engineering, KITS &
Former Director of Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Ministry of Defence, India, had served in GTRE for about 38 years.