Research Projects

Sl.NoPrincipal Investigator(s)Title of the ProjectAgencyAmount (Lakhs)
1Dr. Madhu GaneshDesign of 2 - TPD Rotary Kiln Gasification Pilot Plant with high CV syngas productionDepartment of Science and Technology612.25
2Dr. Aldin Justin
Mr.Febin Vettimootil Charles(UR15AE041)
Experimental investigation to study the effect of blockage ratio and length/ diameter ratio on a deflagration flame tubeTamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST)0.075
3Mr. A. Daniel Antony
Mr.Donald Wilfred Shelly C (UR13AE022)
Mr.Jeejy Theophilus J (UR13AE031)
Mr.Krishwin K (UR13AE036)
Design and Fabrication of HALL THRUSTERS using Iodine as a PropellantTamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST)0.1
4Dr. G. Jims John Wessley
Ms.B. Priyanga (UR13AE011)
Ms.Gecil Evangeline T (UR13AE026)
Ms.Sonikha J.J. (UR13AE057)
Design and Analysis of a Portable Shock tube Set-up for Water PurificationTamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST)0.1
5Mr. Aldin JustinInvestigation of Ignition delay of Isrosene using shock tune as a toolAeronautics Research and Development Board (AR&DB)9.26
6Dr. R K SharmaMars Interplanetary Trajectory Design via Lagrangian Points in the Restricted Three-Body ProblemIndian Space Research Organization5.28
7Dr. R K SharmaRe-entry Time Prediction of Space Objects from High Eccentricity OrbitsScience & Engineering Research Board (SERB)11.82
8Dr. Pradeep KumarHeat Flux Estimation using Transient Temperature MeasurementsIndian Space Research Organization (RESPOND)4.63
9Dr. Pradeep KumarThermal Response of Sandwich Honeycomb Panels under Transient Heating Condition (Theoretical Analysis)Indian Space Research Organization (RESPOND)2.16