Name of the Faculty InvestigatorsTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyDate of Sanctioning of the Project with Letter No.Duration of the ProjectOngoing/CompletedDate of Completion of the Project
Dr. D. NirmalDesign and Fabrication of Case-Code driver circuit using InAlN/GaN HEMT on SiC for space applicationsISROISRO/RES/3/805/18-19, 15th February 2019 2019-22 On-going-
Dr. NesasudhaDesign and development of body worn antenna for wireless applicationsDRDOERIP/ER/1503211/M/01/1703, 13th November 2017 2019-21 On-going-
Dr. D. NirmalA compact modeling of GaN based HEMT device for high power microwave applicationsDRDOERIP/ER/DG0-MED&CoS/990616501/M/01/1646, 24th January 2017 2017-19 On-going-
Dr. S. Thomas GeorgeEnhanced Source Separation Tool for Interrogating Neurological (Seizures) DisordersDSTDST/TSG/ICT/2015/54G, 2nd May 2016 2017-19 On-going-
Dr. G. Josemin BalaDeveloping a Novel Technique for Identification of victims/criminals of sexual exploitation on women and ChildrenIE (India)R.6/2/DR/15-16, 13th July 2015 2015-16 CompletedJan-17
Dr. D. Jude HemanthDeveloping Artificial Intelligence Based Software Tools for Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy in Retinal ImagesCSIR22(0592)/12/EMR-II, 2nd April 2012 2012-14 CompletedMay-14