Research Centers

Hardware Equipments

  • LoRaWAN Multi channel outdoor Gateway(DL0S8)
  • IoT- LoRaWAN WDM boards
  • IoT- LoRaWAN Shields
  • Raspberry pi Development boards
  • ESP32 development boards
  • Intel Edison Development board
  • NI Myrio board
  • TM4C129E Crypto Connected IoT Gateway
  • CC2650 Sensor tag
  • CC3200 WIFI
  • CC110L RF
  • MSP432
  • Industrial Sensors
  • MSP430

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Raspberry pi – Raspbian OS
  • Energia IDE
  • NI Myrio LabVIEW

Courses Offered

IoT for Communication Engineering Laboratory (20EC2006)
Building automations systems Laboratory (20EC2016)
Electronics for intelligent machines Laboratory (20EC1005)
IoT Projects

LoRA WAN Outdoor gateway 868 MHzRange -> 5 to 7 Km

Industry Support

Contact Details

Faculty in-charge : Mr. J. John Paul, Asst. prof
[email protected]
Staff incharge : Mr. M. Wilson Christopher Raj
[email protected]
Lab Intercom : 0422-2614393(4187)

Centre of Excellence in VLSI Design

Karunya has signed MoA with M/s Test and Verification Solutions India Pvt Ltd on Jan 2019. As part of MoA, a centre is established and students are provided with industrial training and real time projects to be technically equipped.

This centre is established to carry out semiconductor device fabrication and modeling in the current micro and nano scale level. Collaborative research projects with Department of Space (ISRO), Ministry of Defence (DRDO) and Department of Electronics and are carried out in this lab.



The centre of Research in Semiconductor Devices was established in the Department in the year 2019. This centre is established to carry out semiconductor device fabrication, simulation and modeling in the current micro and nano scale level to meet Industrial needs. Collaborative research projects with Department of Space (ISRO), Ministry of Defence (DRDO) and Department of Electronics are carried out in this centre.


Hardware Equipments

  • DC Sputtering Unit (Thin Film Physical Vapor Deposition Coating technique - PVD).
  • Pelletization (Compressing or molding materials into Pellet Shape).
  • Silicon wafer (N type, P type).
  • Substrate (Glass).
  • Target (Copper, Silver, Molybdnum)

Software Tools

  • Synopsys TCAD Asiapac Advanced.
  • Silvaco – TCAD OMNI Bundle.


Title of the ProjectA Compact modeling of GaN based HEMT device for high power microwave applications
Grant21.98 Lakhs
Funding AgencyDRDO
Title of the ProjectDesign and Fabrication of Case-Code driver circuit using GaN HEMT on Si for space applications
Grant30.44 Lakhs
Funding AgencyISRO

Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme

Mrs.D.Gracia (Research Scholar) is receiving a scholarship of Rs.31, 500 per month under Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Scheme for Electronics and IT launched by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India for the funded project “Tunnel FET for Low Power Applications”.


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  2. K.Husna Hamza and D. Nirmal, "A review of GaNHEMT broadband power amplifiers", International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEU), Vol 116, (2020) DOI:10.1016/j.aeue.2019.153040 .
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  4. Ravindran, A., Nirmal, D., Prajoon, P., Gracia Nirmala Rani, D ,Optical Grating Techniques for MEMS-Based Spectrometer - A Review, .IEEE Sensors Journal, 2021, 21(5), pp. 5645–5655, 9272803, DoI: 10.1109/JSEN.2020.3041196
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  6. Husna Hamza, K., Nirmal, D., Augustine Fletcher, A.S., Arivazhagan, L., Ajayan, J., Natarajan, R., Highly scaled graded channel GaN HEMT with peak drain current of 2.48 A/mm (2021) AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications, DOI: 10.1016/j.aeue.2021.153774
  7. Anvarifard, M.K., Nirmal, D. Creation of Step-Shaped Energy Band in a Novel Double-Gate GNRFET to Diminish Ambipolar Conduction (2021), IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, DOI: 10.1109/TED.2021.3069442


  • Device Design
  • Fabrication and Testing


Contact Details

Faculty in-charge
Staff in charge
Lab Intercom0422-2614393(4139)