Ph.Ds Awarded

Sl.NoName of the PhD scholarName of the SupervisorsTitle of the thesisYear of award of PhD
1Mrs.Priya K LDr. E.J.JamesDynamics of Suspended sediments in a shallow estuary on the south-east coast of India2015
2Mrs. Vinodha SDr.P.JegathambalPerformance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Reactor in the removal of dye from textile waste water2016
3Mrs. Umadevi P PDr E J JamesDevelopment of a Decision support system for the Aliyar reservoir of parambikulam Aliyar project2016
4Mr. Ebenezer Sahayam SamuelDr. C.S.C. DevadassGeospatial Technology Based Integrated Groundwater Resource Studies in Vaniyar Sub-Basin, Ponnaiyar River, South India2018
5Mr.B.SureshDr.E.J.Jamescomprehensive sustainability assessment of inclusive smart innovation clusters in the indian context2018
6Mr.Vincent sam JebaduraiDr. D. TensingStudies on Enhanced Performance of Infilled Masonry subjected to cyclic load2019
7P.K AbdullaDr.E.J.JamesGeomorphology and costal process in selected littoral cells of the malabar coast, india2019
8Mr.JohnsonDr.G.HemalathaDuctility Enhancement of RCC Exterior Beam-Column Joint for Earthquake Resistant Structures2019
9Mr.Joel SheltonDr.G.HemalathaLink beam-column system for seismic resistance of reinforced concrete structures2019
10Mr.Biju MathewDr.Benny Joseph and Dr.C.Freeda ChristyInvestigation on the utilization of laterite as replacement of fine aggregate to develop eco friendly cement mortar and concrete2019
11Mr.Arun SolomonDr.G.Hemalathastudies on behaviour of insulated concrete form wall system2020
12Mr.C.J.JagadeeshaDr.J.BremaDevelopment of Decision Support systems for reservoir operation in a semi-arid region using geoinformation2019
13M.Jemimah CarmichaelDr.Prince ArulrajEnhancement of performance of concrete with nano-materials2020
14V.SheelaDr.Mercy ShanthiStrength and durability characteristics of concrete mixture with the addition of ground exfoliated vermiculite as internal curing agent2020
15M.KrishnamoorthyDr.TensingExperimental studies on utilization of recycled plastic materials in concrete2020
16P.S.AbhilashaDr.Mercy ShanthiDesign of Geotextile filter media for embankment dams using experimental and numerical analysis2020
17K.Christopher gunasinghDr.HemalathaStudies on Impact of Phase Changing Material in Concrete for Enhancing Thermal comfort2020
18M.DhileepDr.ArumairajEffect of higher modes on earthquake resistant design of structures2021
19E.ArunrajDr.G.HemalathaStudies on Energy Dissipation in beam column joint of RCC structure using Semi-rigid connection2021
20K. Babithesh BabuDr.C.Gajendran"Groundwater recharge study using environmental stable isotopes and water quality assessment in selected semi-arid zones of Tamil Nadu"2021

Ph.D Scholars Registered

Sl.NoReg.NoName of the Ph.D ScholarSupervisorResearch Topic
1RPK20CE005Mr.SUNIL R KDr.G.Prince ArulrajPerformance evalutaion of RC elements using advanced composite system
2RRK20CE004Mr.SAMUVEL RAJ RDr.G.Prince ArulrajInvestigation on mechanical and durability characteristics of geopolymer concrete with nanoparticles
3RP16CE007Mr. H C M SWAMY         Dr.G.Prince ArulrajA Comprehensive study of fracture mechanism of self-compacted concrete
4RP16CE012Mr. KOSHY P S               Dr.G.Prince ArulrajReservoir Modelling for a secondary Purpose Using Fuzzy Approach
5RP16CE001Ms. SHAINA BEEGAM N Dr.G.Prince ArulrajImpact of Urbanization on Hydrological Parameters of a City
6RP13CE010Ms. ANIE JOHN S.         Dr. J. BremaAssessing impacts of climatic change on rainfall and stream flows using RCMs and water balance modeling
7RRK18CE001Ms.BLESSY JDr. J. BremaDevelopment of soil qulaity indices using nanoparticles to enhance the growth of plants irrigated with industrial effluent
8RP16CE003Mr. MOHANDAS K A   Dr. J. BremaAssessment and study of Environmental Parameters and Hydrologic Factors of Vembanad Lake
9RR17CE002MR.T.S.RAHUL Dr. J. BremaDevelopment of Algorithm for water quality estimation using Imageries
10RPK18CE006Mr.E.THINAKARANDr. J. BremaAn integrated approach on study of lake dynamics
11RR17ce001Mr.M.VADIVELDr. J. BremaRole of Hybrid Fibres in Enhancing Energy Absorption capacity of Reinforced concrete structural members under static, cyclic and fatigue loading
12RPK17CE001MR.S.NAVEEN KUMARDr. J. BremaAssessment of water quality in lakes in Nilgiris district using RS and GIS
13RP13CE006MS. SHOBBY MARGARET LYDIA L.                             Dr.D.TensingStudies on effective use of plastic waste in concrete
14RP15CE005Ms. NEETHU SDr.D.Tensingstudy on offshore sand fine aggregate with partial replacement of river sand and m sand in concrete 
15RPK20CE003Mr.MAHESH S RDr.D.TensingStudy on concrete composite column with embedded steelcore
16RPK18CE004Ms. GEETHU DINESH Dr.D.TensingExperimental & Analytical Studies on Precast Composite Space Frame Structure.
17 MS.SHEEBA EBENEZERDr.D.TensingStudies on behaviour of Steel composite frame under static and dynamic loads
18RP16CE004Ms. IRISH NIVITHA R             Dr.D.TensingDevelopment of an acquisition and processing system for building quantity estimation using digital image processing
19RP14CE006Ms. N.PARIJATHAM  Dr.Freeda ChristyRole of Geo Synthetic In The Improvement Of Strength Of Soil
20RP13CE018Mr. SAMUEL THANARAJ M  Dr.Freeda ChristyA study on the performance of different types of stone column in soil stabilization
21RP11CE007Mr. JOBIL VARGHESE     Dr.Freeda ChristyMoored Deep water platform for installing wind turbine
22RP16CE006Mr. MUDIGONDA HARISHKUMAR      Dr.Freeda ChristyExperimental assessment of a Base Course treated with Crumb Rubber to check the fatigue behaviour
23RPK18CE007Ms.MENAKADr.Freeda ChristyStructural Performance of Fibrous Concrete with partial replacement of fine aggregates 
24RP14CE003Ms. S.S.UMA MAHESWARIDr.G.HemalathaSmart Public Transport System In Coimbatore City Using Mobile Applications, GPS and GIS
25RP14CE004Mr. P.KARTHIKEYAN   Dr.G.HemalathaModelling Pedestrain Travel Behaviour at crosswalk in Mixed traffic Condition in Congested Cities
26RPK18CE009Mr.JANAKI RAMANDr.Sneha GautamCharacteristic study on geopolymer for soil stabilization and its environmental consequences
27RRK20CE001Mr.LIFE JOHNDr.G.HemalathaInvestigation on tuned bampers for seismic bambing in pressure vessel
28RRK19CE001Ms.Jensika RaniDr.G.HemalathaTopology Optimization of Structural Elements
29RRK20CE002Mr.S VIVEKANANDA SHARMADr.G.HemalathaMR damper with compressible MR fluid and accumulator for seismic resistance of structures
30RRK18CE003MERVIN EALIYAS MATHEWSDr.N.AnandInvestigation on Improving the Performance of Sustainable Self-Compacting Concrete Subjected to Elevated Temperature
31RRK20CE003Mr.BALAMURALI KDr.N.AnandExperimental Investigation of Self-compacting Geopolymer  concrete exposed to Elevated Temperature
32RRK18CE002Mr.VIJAYAPRASADDr.N.AnandStudy on hybrid geoploymer concrete with fibres
33RP15CE010MR. JAYA KUMAR G  Dr.N.AnandStudies on Durability of Concreted Materials Subjected to Elevated Temperature
34RP15CE001Ms. NOVA JOHN            Dr.Mercy ShanthiStudies on behaviour of Nano-Light Weight Concrete
35RP12CE003Ms. S.STELLA Dr.Mercy ShanthiBeam column joint
36RP14CE001Ms. SMITHA MDr.Mercy ShanthiMechanical and durability studies on bacterial concrete incorporating Msand
37RP13CE004Mr. DINESH BABU K. Dr.Mercy ShanthiChemical behaviour of the Nanocomposite materials
38RP13CE005Ms. RAMYA M.  Dr.Mercy ShanthiChemical behaviour of the concrete ingredients in concrete composites
39RP16CE008Ms.SUNDARAYAMINIDr.Mercy ShanthiStudy on Soil Stabilization by biological process
40RP14CE005Ms. S.CHITRA                      Dr.C.GajendranTraffic forecasting using GIS
41RP12CE004Mr. M. MANIKANDA RAMKUMARDr.C.GajendranDSS for water quality management - A case study on Thamirabarani river basin
42RP13CE015Ms. DIVYA                          Dr.C.GajendranStudy on noise and air pollution assessment and prediction model using geographical information system
43RP13CE016Mr. PRAVIN             Dr.C.GajendranWater quality prediction modeling in noyal river basin
44RP13CE008Mr. GOPALA KRISHNAN N.  Dr.C.GajendranEffective utlization of surplus flood water of tamiraparani river by interlinking approach
45RP13CE009Mr. BASKER R.                Dr.C.GajendranEvaluation of ground water contaminaiton and establishment of protection zones in thamirabharani river basin
46RPK18CE002Mr.MAMIDHALA PRUDHVI Dr.C.GajendranStudies on soil improvement using salt water 
47RP13CE019Mr. SUKUMARDr.C S C DevadassA study on groundwater recharge and cropping pattern based on landuse changes- Noyyal Basin
48RP13CE014Ms. ARUNA JAQUILINE HELEN RANI J.                                    Dr.C S C DevadassDesign and preparation of fibre reinforced composites for use in water and waste water treatment plants
49RP12CE001MS. PRIYA ACHAMMA JACOB Dr.S.JustinOptimization of plate girders using genetic algorithm
50RP11CE005Mr. ALY K                              Dr. Mercy ShanthiStructural Engineering / Earthquake Engineering
51RP11CE003Mr. A.S. JEYABHARATHY  Dr. Robert RaviStudies on behaviour of reinforced concrete beam retrofitted with FRP laminates
52RPK18CE003Ms. NIRANJANA THOMAS Dr E J JamesApplication of Integated Hydrologic and Agronomic Model to Study the Different Scenarios Emerging Out of Climate Change
53RPK18CE001Mr.LUNAVATH SOMANNA Dr E J JamesPerformance evaluation of a medium and minor irrigation projects in Godavari and Krishna river basins
54RPK20CE004Mr.A HARIHARA SUDHANDr.Sneha GautamOdour control in Effleuent treatment plant
55RPK20CE002Ms.SHEEJA T VDr.Vincent Sam JebaduraiParametric analysis of extrution based additive manufacturing of cemetrious materials with alkaline activator soliution