Funded Projects

Sl.NoName of the Faculty InvestigatorsTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyDate of Sanctioning of the Project with Letter No.Duration of the ProjectOngoing/CompletedDate of Completion of the Project
1Dr. C. GajendranStudies on Root architecture of Eucalyptus clones using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education1.9.2021(Sep 2021- March 2023)Ongoing-
2Dr. G. Hemalatha, Dr. D. Tensing, Dr. S. Sundar Manoharan, Dr. P. Sam PaulSmart Magnetorheological (MR) Damper for Enhancement of Seismic Resistance of StructuresDepartment of Science and Technology31. 03. 2016 DST/TSG/STS/2015/30-G 3 YearsOngoing2019
3Dr. N AnandDevelopment of Capacity based standards on Concrete materials under Elevated temperatureDST SERBYss/2015/001196 3Ongoing2019
4Dr. C. GajendranGIS Integrated subsurface mapping and creating a decision support systemDST-SERBSB/EMEQ-355/2014 3completed2017
5Dr. Prawin Angel, Dr. C P Jawahar, Dr. D. TensingElectrification of remote hilly Area (Valara mhp15kw project)MNRE10/16/2015-MHP EMC/SHP/MNRE/CFA/15kW valara MIIP/Kerala/17/1 3
6Dr. P. JegathambalNano-Bio Remediation of dye contaminated waste waterMoEFF No 19-183/2013-RE 3Ongoing
7Dr. P. Jegathambal Dr.K. ParameswariA Novel TiO2 Coated Aluminium Electrode (TiO/AL) for Textile dyeing waste water using real time controlled Multichannel electrocoagulation ProcessDSTDST/TM/WTI/2K16/237C 3Ongoing
8Dr. G. HemalathaCost Effective Linked Column System for Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete StructuresMoESMoES/P.O(Seismo)/1(218)/2014 2completed2016
9Mrs. Priya K L,Studies on the seasonal variation of heavy metal distribution in a shallow estuary, Muthupet, TamilNaduKSCSTE748/2013/KSCSTE dated 31.07.2013 1completed2015
10Mr. N. Anand, Mr.C.AravindhanStudies on behaviour of normal and self compacting concrete under elevated temperature,Tamil Nadu State Council Science and Technology2012- 13 1completed2013
11Dr. C. Freeda Christy, ,Aleena Peter G.Betsy Christina M.KarthigaUtilization of Man-made waste in man-made construction,Tamil Nadu State Council Science and Technology2012- 13 1completed2013
12Dr. M. NoelImplementation related issues of capacitive deionization process for decontamination of ground waterDSTDST/TM/WTI/Dk11/213(C) dt.19/03/2012 2completed2014
13Dr. P. JegathambalExpermental investigations and modeling studies of nanoparticles transport and interactions in aquatic environmentsDST (SERB)SR/FTP/ETA-60/2010 dt. 22/02/2012 3completed2015
14Dr. C. GajendranStudy on recharge characteristics of tanks in semiarid zone using isotope techniques and conventional hydrologic modelsDST/CWRDMR/S3/ENGF-01/2002 dt. 16.11.10 3completed2013
15Dr. E.J. James, Dr. G. Prince Arulraj, Dr. Esther Jegathambal, Dr. J. Brema, Mrs. K.L. Priya and Mrs. Nalini JebastinaDevelopment of a Decision Support System (DSS) for management of wetland A case Study of Point Calimere of Cauvery Basin in TamilNaduMoEFF.No 13 16/2008-RE dt.27/07/2010,27.07.10 3completed2014
16Dr. Mercy Shanthi,A software exam timetabling & scheduling using hybrid genetic algorithms,DSTSR/S4/MS: 525/08 2completed2011
17Dr. A. Thomas, Mr. D. TensingFibre Reinforced Deep Beams with OpeningsAICTE,MODROBS 2completed1997
18M G Rajendran, Mr. S JustinComputer Aided Dynamic Bucking Mode SimulationAICTE 3completed2003