• PEO I: Demonstrate the knowledge acquired in civil engineering steered by the principles of sustainable development meeting the demand of international standards. .
  • PEO II: Exhibit proficiency as practicing engineers, academicians and researchers.
  • PEO III: Hold professional ethics as consultants, entrepreneurs and pioneers while addressing the challenges of the society.

Graduates will have ability to:

  • PO1:Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to solve the problems related to civil engineering
  • PO2:Identify, formulate and analyze civil engineering problems using the principles of mathematics, sciences and engineering sciences.
  • PO3:Design solutions for civil engineering problems and design system components or processes to meet the desired needs within realistic constraints
  • PO4:Design and conduct experiments , analyze and interpret data through appropriate methods
  • PO5:Gain and use knowledge on contemporary issues, skills and tools such as CAD, FEM , GIS etc. necessary for engineering practice.
  • PO6:Assess the societal needs and bring solutions through professional engineering practice
  • PO7:Understand impact of engineering solutions in context of social, cultural and environmental responsibilities and the need for sustained development
  • PO8:Apply ethical principles to professional civil engineering practice
  • PO9:Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings
  • PO10:Communicate effectively to the engineering community and with the society through effective reports, documents, presentations and drawings.
  • PO11:Demonstrate the knowledge of construction management, finance, asset management, public policy and administration in managing and executing the projects.
  • PO12:Recognize the need for, and engage in independent life-long learning
  • PSO1:Be proficient in technical knowledge in the core areas of Civil Engineering to solve societal problems .
  • PSO 2:Use advanced software tools in appropriate design standards to find solutions in Structural engineering, Environmental engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.
  • PSO 3: Be competent with focused training towards employment and be successful in competitive exams.

Programme Outcomes Attainment

Based on the NBA defined mandatory Graduate Attributes (GAs) and the Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the programme, the members of the Board of Studies have established the Programme Outcomes (POs). These were then passed on to select alumni and the faculty members of the department. Based on the inputs received from them, the POs were presented again to the Board of Studies (BOS) for revision and approval. In total, twelve POs were finalized.

Assessment of Programme Outcomes(POs)

Testimonies by our Alumni

Xseed Education Chennai
My student life at Karunya is one of the best time in my life. But overall I feel that being at Karunya was a great learning experience every day. I am thankful to faculty that I got dual placement in core companies with package of Rs. 11 Lakhs per Annum.

Mr.Saikiran M
Everest Industries Ltd.Noida
The Civil Department and Placement cell have helped me to focus on field exposure combined with curriculum. This also laid a platform for me to get into Everest Industries Ltd. I’m Thankful for this opportunity for helping me through the process.
Mr. Ashish Mohanan Pillai
Karunya university transformed me from an average student to a successful personality. I learnt to lead a better lifestyle with discipline and confidence. I am thankful to the Department of Civil Engineering for making me an engineer to compete in this world filled with challenges.I am proud that I am a karunyan. I am right now working as a Construction manager in a very reputed company in Dubai - emirate with skyscrapers filled skyline With an annual income of 18 Lakhs.

Mr. Alan Mathews Sajan
Barun Corp, USA
When I first started at Karunya I was unsure about my future. But the department of Civil Engineering gave me support and confidence. During my final year the department arranged internships in Capital Engineering Consultancy and Sigma Structures for my final year project. Because of this I got a job in a core company called Barun Corp based in the U.S.A With an annual income of 5.5 Lakhs. So I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all the opportunities provided and leading the civil engineering department.