The Department of Biotechnology has established the placement cell for career perspectives of the students. It serves by training the students technically and develops the personality to face interviews for placement and higher studies. Our students are placed in life science divisions of R & D, Industries and software companies and in core companies. The students are also placed as research associates in Government Research Institutes. The interested students also doing higher studies in abroad with stipend.


The IPC cell conducts regular meetings to discuss and plan programmes for the placement of students.

1. A meeting with IV B.Tech/ II M.Tech students arranged to motivate them for GRE & TOFEL, required for aspirants to study ABROAD; And GATE for aspirants of higher studies in INDIA.

2. For the alumni data base creation identified the student volunteers

3. Organized Guest lecture with the PAWAN KUMAR Business Development Manager, PROBIOSYS Bangalore, to expose the student s about the recent Instrumentation tools available in the Biological Research Companies He also spoke about the industrial training possibilities in his company and the job placement opportunities in the LIFE SCIENCE Companies especially MNCs.

4. Student profile preparation.


2017-18 B.Tech - Biotechnology

S.No.Reg. No.Name of the studentName of the Company
1UR14BT046Srividya SZifo RnD Solutions, Chennai
2UR14BT004Monika Ruth SadanInfosys Ltd., Bangalore
3UR14BT004Monika Ruth SadanAccenture Services, Bangalore
4UR14BT010Aavany BalasubramanianAccenture Services, Bangalore
5UR14BT015eldhose PaulAccenture Services, Bangalore
6UR14BT017Jenifer AnburajAccenture Services, Bangalore
7UR14BT025Jeba EllisAccenture Services, Bangalore
8UR14BT034Andrea Ashley JacobAccenture Services, Bangalore
9UR14BT038Remy James ScarltonAccenture Services, Bangalore
10UR14BT039Jewel Mary ScariaAccenture Services, Bangalore
11UR14BT040Hannah JacinthAccenture Services, Bangalore
12UR14BT041Reeni Briliancy BalasinghAccenture Services, Bangalore
13UR14BT043Soniya SebastianAccenture Services, Bangalore
14UR14BT048Nisha StanleyAccenture Services, Bangalore
15UR14BT061Claudine Patricia JAccenture Services, Bangalore
16UR14BT075Evangeline Breeta Raja David IsaacAccenture Services, Bangalore
17UR14BT037Latha LaxmiByju's Think & Learn, Bangalore
18UR14BT002Sharon Lilly PowellAmazon, Coimbatore
19UR14BT012Sushmita Merolin PrasadAmazon, Coimbatore
20UR14BT014Rabin Stephen EAmazon, Coimbatore
21UR14BT022Komala Devi SAmazon, Coimbatore
22UR14BT049Lydia AjayAmazon, Coimbatore
23UR14BT051Saru Preethi GAmazon, Coimbatore
24UR14BT055Aiswarya PAmazon, Coimbatore
25UR14BT067Jeya Prakathi MAmazon, Coimbatore
26UR14BT002Sharon Lilly Powell ROmics Group, Hyderabad
27UR14BT011Preethi EvagelinOmics Group, Hyderabad
28UR14BT013Neetu ManojOmics Group, Hyderabad
29UR14BT023Hiroshini Raja.ROmics Group, Hyderabad
30UR14BT027J.Angel SowndharyaOmics Group, Hyderabad
31UR14BT028Sony SOmics Group, Hyderabad
32UR14BT058Vidya.BOmics Group, Hyderabad
33UR14BT065Anita PouloseOmics Group, Hyderabad
34UR14BT067Jeya PrakathiOmics Group, Hyderabad
35UR14BT052Stency Ann JacobTNQ Books & Journals, Chennai
36UR14BT065Anita PouloseTNQ Books & Journals, Chennai
37UR14BT029Jershalitty SarumathyIDBI Federal, Coimbatore

2016-17 B.Tech - Biotechnology

S.No.Name of the studentName of the CompanyOn/Off Campus
1AROCKIA FREEDAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
2Sharon RojaAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
3VISWALOSHANIAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
4THANUSHREEAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
5CHRISTINA VINNARASIAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
6Jesvin David Samuel RajAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
7SAHANAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
8Lakshmi Sudhir MenonAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
9NANCY BEAULAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
10NEETHUAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
11PARTHAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
12PRANJULAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
13SHATHYAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
14SNEHALATHAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
15SREELAKSHMIAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
16TESNIAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
17VISHALINIAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
18EVANJALIN MONICAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
19SHAKTHI AISHWARYAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
20TANYA MARIANNEAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
21MARIYAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
22AMALA LIZYCognizant, CoimbatoreOn Campus
23HANNAH CHARISMACognizant, CoimbatoreOn Campus
24Jeffey Dhas JIBM IndiaOn Campus
25DianaInfosys, BangaloreOn Campus
26HannahInfosys, BangaloreOn Campus
27Sheeba Nirmal RaniInfosys, BangaloreOn Campus
28SNEHA MERLIN THOMASInfosys, BangaloreOn Campus
29Khader Bee G BSutherland, ChennaiOn Campus
30Manisha SSutherland, ChennaiOn Campus
31Roff Nanewel GSutherland, ChennaiOn Campus
32Varghese Jibin RejiSutherland, ChennaiOn Campus
33Sahil Kumar BhaniaSutherland, ChennaiOn Campus
34Acharya AbinayaTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
35Mischael Georgina TTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
36Princy Rose FrancisTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
37Sindhu E KTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
38Sindhu STNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
39Sruthi PrathapanTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
40Akhila A.KVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
41Anita Sherin KVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
42Divya Dharshini MVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
43Gokul Prashanth VVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
44Hannes Vethanayagam SVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
45Jayapriya LVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
46Punitha Vinothini KVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
47Renista Sofiya PVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
48Sangavi SVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
49Shameer Khan AVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
50Swathi BVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
51Suseentheran SVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
52Ibey AntonyVisionary RCM, CoimbatoreOn Campus
53SRIRANJANI ELANGOVANWipro, BangaloreOn Campus
54Ramanuja GopalanZifo TechOn Campus
55APHIA LYNET ALPHEUS ASHOK KUMARAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
56ASHNA BABUAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
57BLESSY SAMUELAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
58BOWYA PRASANNA KUMARAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
59PONMANI PRIYA CHOCKALINGAMAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
60DIOMEDE SAMUEL RAYENAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
61Elizabeth Mukalelparambil MathewAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
62JIMCY - JAMESAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
63KARUNA MOHAN KARUNAKARANAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
64KUMARAVEL SADHANANDHAMAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
65LYDIA BALTHASARAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
66MANGALAYAZHINI RANGASWAMYAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
67Michelle Winifred JeyakumarAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
68NANNU SUSAN CHACKOAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
69Nidhish RajanAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
70SAM PADALUMAVUNKAL MATHEWAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
71Samuel ben christopher - StanleyAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
72Sarah PeterkinAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
73SIJEESHA - JESUDASAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
74SUMA PAUL DURAI AUGUSTAAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
75Vimala Koilmani VincentAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
76Catherin Mary Veronica Stephen ManoharanAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
77Angel Philip JohnAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
78MAHESH KRISHNA SELVARAJAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
79JENEFA CHRISTILDA SAMUELAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
80ANU THOMASAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
81Muthu VeerapathranAmazon, HyderabadOn Campus
83Deepak SSByju's Think & Learn, BangaloreOn Campus
84Irene Tomy ParappuramCognizant Tech Solutions, CoimbatoreOn Campus
87MONICA R.FRUZYME, TirupurOn Campus
88ASHER THEOPLUS SHinduja Global Solutions, BangaloreOn Campus
89DIGUMARTHY SUKEERTHI PRATHYUSHAHinduja Global Solutions, BangaloreOn Campus
90Alan VargheseIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
91Arjun RamachandranIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
92Joice SalomeIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
93Kezia Mary AbrahamIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
94Nikhil Jose PIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
95Sanu V NairIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
96Susanna ManuelIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
97Rooth Anna VargheseIBM, BangaloreOn Campus
98Ankit Kumar GautamInfosys, ChennaiOn Campus
99BALAJI VMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
100DANIEL BENHUR EMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
101JEFINA NANCY KARUNYA K.Molecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
102K.MAHESWARIMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
103NATHIYA R.Molecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
104PriyankaMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
105Reshma Anna ThomasMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
106D.Rushmi Gnana PratheebaaMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
107Srinithi AMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
108YEGAMMAI.MMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
109AKILANDESWARI RMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
110MONISHA MMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
111POOJA SINGH MMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
112M.ELAVARASIMolecular Connections, BangaloreOn Campus
113A. AGNES JEROLINENanoceut Therapeutics, PuducherryOff Campus
114Blessing NavishaOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
115Jehu SinghOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
116Johncy JohnyOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
117Misaal SOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
118MosesOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
119Nithya RaviOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
120Rithu BobbyOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
121Sathya Seeli MOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
122Sofia MOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
123Vishnu PriyaOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
124Sheeba Grace AncyScribe Tech, CoimbatoreOn Campus
125Shon Thomas NinanScribe Tech, CoimbatoreOn Campus
126JayashreeScribe Tech, CoimbatoreOn Campus
127Sakithya VSutherland Global Services, ChennaiOn Campus
128Ajay Siva GSynergy Scientific Services, ChennaiOn Campus
129Cissi ManojSynergy Scientific Services, ChennaiOn Campus
130Sharukh MukhtierSynergy Scientific Services, ChennaiOn Campus
131Hannah Vineesha VTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
132Linu SanalTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
133Leana JohnVDart Software Services P Ltd, TrichyOn Campus
134Leema Jesline SVDart Technologies, TrichyOn Campus
135Jency VargheseVWR Lab Products, CoimbatoreOn Campus
136Tamil SelvanVWR Lab Products, CoimbatoreOn Campus
137Sri Ram BVWR Lab Products, CoimbatoreOn Campus
138SURYA RAJASEKARXetra Biosolutions, CoimbatoreOff Campus
139Aruna Thankam AbrahamZifo RnD Solutions, ChennaiOn Campus
140LATHIKA MZifo RnD Solutions, ChennaiOn Campus
141Monika Ruth SadanAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
142Aavany BalasubramanianAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
143eldhose PaulAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
144Jenifer AnburajAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
145Jeba EllisAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
146Andrea Ashley JacobAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
147Remy James ScarltonAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
148Jewel Mary ScariaAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
149Hannah JacinthAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
150Reeni Briliancy BalasinghAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
151Soniya SebastianAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
152Nisha StanleyAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
153Claudine Patricia JAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
154Evangeline Breeta Raja David IsacAccenture, BangaloreOn Campus
155Sharon Lilly PowellAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
156Sushmita Merolin PrasadAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
157Rabin Stephen EAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
158Komala Devi SAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
159Lydia AjayAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
160Aiswarya PAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
161Jeya Prakathi MAmazon, CoimbatoreOn Campus
162EvangelineASK Era Pvt Ltd., CoimbatoreOn Campus
163Latha LaxmiByju's Think & Learn, BangaloreOn Campus
164Jimcy VergheseCognizantOff Campus
165Steffi DiwyaHGS, HyderabadOn Campus
166Jershalitty SarumathyIDBI Federal, CoimbatoreOn Campus
167Vinoth Kumar RMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
168Zerubabel Stephen AMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
169Finola Priyadharshini CMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
170Saru Preethi GMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
171Raj Prakash SMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
172Jahnavi GMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
173Dhanush K RMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
174Sonal DodiyarMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
175Sonu SharmaMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
176Manju PMicrobiological Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
177Preethi EvagelinOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
178Neetu ManojOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
179Hiroshini Raja.ROmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
180J.Angel SowndharyaOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
181Sony SOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
182Vidya.BOmics Group, HyderabadOn Campus
183Stency Ann JacobTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
184Anita PouloseTNQ Books & Journals, ChennaiOn Campus
185Sowmiya TTVWR Labs, CoimbatoreOn Campus
186Srividya SZifo RnD SolutionsOn Campus