Sl. No.Name of the Faculty/DesignationDetails of the Patent FiledPatent No/Date
1Dr. R.T. Narendhirakannan,Asst. Professor“Derma Hierbas” an ointment for Skin Rashes.3775/CHE/2014 dated 01/08/2014
2Dr. S. Kalidass, Associate ProfessorProcess of Removal of Dye from Coloured Effluent using Aneurinibacillus aneurinilyticus5608/CHE/2014 dated 07/11/2014
3Dr. S. Kalidass, Associate ProfessorA method for Decolorization of dyes using composition comprising of Nanoparticle and Microorganisms5610/CHE/2014 dated 07/11/2014
4Dr. S. Kavitha, Assistant ProfessorPreparation & Characterization of Carbonized wattle Humus1225/CHE/2015 dated 12/03/2015
5Dr. C. GuruvayoorappanWound Healing Non Immunogenic Oxazolidinone Nano Scaffolds201641015465/CHE/2016 dated 04.05.2016
6Dr. Muthukumar NadarLOBICURE- A herbal wound healing ointment.2.017410048e+011
7Dr. Muthukumar NadarA polyherbal Ointment for Skin ailments2.0184103697e+011
8Dr. S. Kavitha, Assistant ProfessorBiosynthesis of Isopropyel Myristate2.0184102812e+011
9Dr. Jibu Thomas (Associate Professor), Vinolia S and Suresh KumarIndian Patent on Aerobic Pre-fermenter201741006585 dated 24/02/2017
10Dr.Pinaki Dey (Assistant Professor)Development of improved production process of cellulase from waste pulp and paper sludge material201941018465 dated 08/05/2019
11Dr. David Paul Raj RS (Assistant Professor), Pratap Kumar, Dhamayanthi MEnhanced production of anti-snake venom compound (Taraxerol) from suspension cultures systems of Euphorbia Hirta L.201941017991 dated 06/05/2019
12Dr. Levin Anbu Gomez and Dr. C. VaniChicken Antibody Generation against microbial pathogen bacillus cereus from human nail201941048986 dated 28.11.2019