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Centre for Research in Design and Manufacturing Engineering (CRDM)

The Centre for Research in Design and Manufacturing Engineering (CRDM) in the School of Mechanical Sciences established in 2006, is well-equipped with facilities for regular academic purposes, research and consultancy. It has its credit a lot of research and consultancy work for the benefit of academicians and industries who sought after for the solutions for their research problems. Several academic and industrial problems were investigated especially in the area of machining and solutions were provided.

The main objective of the center is to foster research in Design and Manufacturing Engineering through collaborations with Researchers, R & D organizations and industries, to disseminate the research findings through publications, seminars, conferences, workshops and technology transfer schemes and to generate funds through consultancy services, patents and proposals to funding agencies.

Thrust areas of research and consultancy:

  • Hard turning with minimal cutting fluid application
  • Hard milling with minimal cutting fluid application
  • Machining of composites
  • Machinability studies on stainless steel
  • Investigations on Electric Discharge Machining
  • Suppression of cutting tool vibration
  • Cutting temperature reduction through heat pipes.

Facilities available for research, consultancy and testing:

  • Centre lathe with variable speed and feed drive (Kirloskar make)
  • Automatic precision surface grinding machine (Craftsman make)
  • Universal milling machine (BFW Make)
  • Sprark erosion Machine (Vidunt make)
  • Radial Drilling Machine with variable feed drive (CKP Make)
  • Kistler multicomponent dynamometer
  • Metallurgical microscope (VFM9100 – Metzer make)
  • Surface roughness tester (Mitutoyo Make)
  • Electronic Top Loading Balance (Shimadzu make)
  • Drill Tool and Mill Tool Dynamo Meter
  • Magnatic Scales (DRO – Electronica make)
  • Infrared Thermometer (Amprobe make)
  • Triaxial accelerometer (Dytran Make)
  • Qualitek – 4 Software
  • Minitab – 15 Software

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The centre for Research in Metallurgy was established in the year 2012. Its vision is to impart knowledge on material science and engineering to the student community, carryout quality and ethical research in the field of materials and material processing engineering, help the industries in solving problems that they face in metallurgy and related areas through consultancy services and lend a helping hand for students across the country in completing their project related to materials and materials processing.

The centre is equipped with modern materials testing and materials characterizing equipment such as Metallurgical microscope with Image analyzer, Pin-on-disk wear monitor, Microhardness tester, Ultrasonic flaw detector, Tensile testing machine, Four ball tester and specimen preparation setup. The centre also encourages collaborative research work with other Institutions, Universities and Industries.

Facilities available for research, consultancy and testing:

  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Image acquisition and Image analysis
  • Microhardness Tester
  • CRT display, Output using a printer
  • Wear & Friction Monitor System (POD Machine)
  • Computer interface, Dry sliding wear, Wet sliding wear, High temperature wear, Abrasive wear
  • Stir Casting Facility
  • Automatic retraction mechanism, Motorized stirrer arrangement, Maximum temperature: 1200° C
  • Specimen preparation facilities
  • Twin disk Polisher and Motorized cutter
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Fully automated, computer integrated tensile testing machine, 25kN capacity.
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • for testing welded and cast samples.
  • Four Ball Tester
  • To Determine Wear Preventive properties (WP), Extreme Pressure properties (EP) and friction behavior of lubricants , load carrying capacity of lubricant or grease , coefficient of friction of lubricant, anti wear properties of lubricating oils & grease

Thrust areas of research and consultancy:

  • Metal Matrix Composites
  • Particle reinforced composites
  • Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
  • Solid state welding Processes and allied processes
  • Lubricant properties - Wear Preventive properties (WP), Extreme Pressure properties (EP) and friction behavior of lubricants.

Contributions of CRM

  • International Publications/Presentations.
  • Testing and Consultancy.
  • Research projects (External & Internal)
  • International Internships are being provided.
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    Centre for Research in Material Science and Thermal Management (CRMS & TM)

    The CRMS&TM is established in 2009 to provide solution to the problems related to material science and thermal management in electronics. This Centre is functioning with two laboratories namely “Advance Thermal Sciences Lab” and “Micro and Nano Heat Transfer Lab”. All the complicated cooling systems were developed in Advance Thermal Sciences Lab and the same were tested in the Micro and Nano Heat Transfer Lab. This Centre has backed 4 external funded projects and published over 50 Referred journals and many international conferences. Also this is Center act as a good flat form for the Research Scholars, Masters and under graduates to shape their carrier in the field of research in thermal management and material science.

    Further, this Centre helps the students to carry out their academic projects and through that they can acquire hands on experience on thermal related experiments. The heat pipe based products developed in the laboratories of good quality and could be used in real time applications such as satellites, space vehicles etc.

    Facilities available for research, consultancy and testing:

    • Heat Pipe research facilities
    • Plasma heating facilities
    • Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
    • Nanofluid heat transfer research facilities

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    Centre for Research in Renewable Energy (CRRE)

    The Center for Research in Renewable Energy (CRRE) has developed systems to convert biomass plant matter such as trees, food waste, vegetable waste, municipal solid waste, water hyacinth, wastages from slaughter houses, cattle waste and etc to fuels. Flash pyrolysis process has been developed to produce liquid fuels from waste materials. Pyrolysis is a thermo chemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel in furnace.

    The research facilities available in the Centre for Research in Renewable Energy (CRRE) are ball mill, crusher, sieve shaker, pyrolysis reactor, gasifier, biomethanization plant and biogas engine. The ball mill is used for grinding materials such as coal, pigments, biomass materials, and felspar for pottery. The Crusher is used to reduce the size of waste biomass materials so they can be more easily used in the pyrolysis reactor and ball mill. Sieve shaker is used to expose the sample to all the openings in a sieve in a manner that will expedite the passing of particles smaller then the openings.

    Facilities available for research, consultancy and testing:

    • Pyrolysis reactor (2kg)
    • Ball mill
    • Pulveriser
    • Biogas plant (fixed dome type and floating drum type)
    • Gas chromatograph
    • Biomass gasifier
    • Sieve shaker with test sieves
    • Flue gas analyzer
    • Multi-fuel test engine test rig

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