Research Areas

Since its inception, the Department is actively involving in number of research areas and has been awarded with many Government of India Projects. Following are the major research topics carried over by the students and faculty members of the Department.

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Data Mining
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Assistive Devices
  • Wearable devices
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Smart Grid
  • Biosignal Processing
  • Fuel Cells
  • Smart Grids

Major Funding Received

  • Smart Grid – UGC, New Delhi
  • Small Hydro Electric Power Plant – MNRE- Government of India
  • Analysis of Neurological Disorders- DST, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
  • Textile Dyeing Waste Water Treatment- DST, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
  • Fuel Cells- CPRI- Ministry of Power, Government of India


  • Dr. J. JAYAKUMAR, M.E., Ph.D
  • Dr. M. S. P. SUBATHRA, M.E., Ph.D.,
  • Mr. P. VENKATSH KUMAR, M.E., (Ph.D)
  • Mrs. R. MEENAL, M.E., (Ph.D).,
  • Mr. C. BENIN PRATAP, M.E., (Ph.D)
  • Mr. P. NAGABUSHANAM, M.Tech., (Ph.D).,
  • Dr. V. JEGATHESAN, M.E., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. A. ALBERT RAJAN, M.E., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. SHANTY CHACKO, M.E., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. F.T. JOSH, M.E., Ph.D.,
  • Dr. S. PAUL SATHIYAN, M.E., Ph.D.,
  • Mrs. J. JENCY JOSEPH, M.E., (Ph.D)

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Workshops Completed

  1. One Day National Level Workshop on Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Electrical Engineering
  2. National Level Workshop on Role of Power Electronics Converters for Renewable Energy Sources
  3. National Workshop on Research Challenges in Special Electrical Machines
  4. National Workshop on Power Electronics Applications in Micro Hydro Power Development
  5. National Workshop on Optimization Techniques for Electrical Engineering Applications
  6. IEEE –YP STEP sponsored National Seminar on Sustainable Solid waste Landfill Management-SSWLM’14
  7. National Workshop on DSP and FPFA programming for Power Electronics Circuits
  8. National Workshop on Control of Electric Drives with Advanced Power Converters
  9. National Workshop on PCB designing
  10. Seminar on How to start with Mini Projects and Paper writing
  11. Faculty Development Programme on Creative Oriented Teaching Learning Process and Non-Academic Revenues
  12. Awareness program on career opportunities and Higher Education Abroad
  13. Seminar on How to start with Mini Projects and Paper writing
  14. National Workshop on Research Challenges in Smart Power and Energy Management System (SPEMS’17)
  15. Online Workshop on Internet of Things
  16. National Level Workshop on Simulation based training on Electrical Machine design using FEM Software MagNet’17
  17. National Conference on Advancement in Smart Power Engineering
  18. E-Waste Audit
  19. International Workshop on Power System dynamics and renewable integration PSDRI17
  20. National Level Workshop on “Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Electrical Engineering – MOTEE’17”
  21. Faculty Development Program on Model based system design (solid thinking EMBEDDED) in Engineering Applications
  22. National level Workshop on Raspberry-Pi with Python in Engineering Applications
  23. Seminar on Importance of Earthing in Latest Electronics
  24. National Conference in Issue and Challenges in Textile waste water management
  25. Faculty Development Programme on IoT Hardware interfacing with MATLAB
  26. Rapid Prototyping Approach for Automation of Electrical Applications (RP2AEA - 18)
  27. One day National Level Hands on Workshop on Python Programming and Embedded Applications
  28. One day workshop on Embedded Systems
  29. Two Days Webinar On Role Of Data Analytics And Cloud Computing In Internet Of Things During 1 st And 2 nd Of June 2020
  30. Value Added Course On Machine Learning And Its Application Using Python Programming
  31. 5 Days Online Faculty Development Program On " Greening The Grid: Cutting Edge Technology And Best Practises In Electrical Domain.
  32. A Placement Drive “Webinar” Through IEEE PELS Society Student Branch Chapter(SBC31061A) On The Topic Enhancing Electrical Employability .