Research Centers

CISCO Networking Academy

The Division of Computer Science and Engineering had signed MoU with CISCO Systems, Bangalore on 5-11-2007. The CISCO centre of excellence on Advanced Networking available in the division provides world class networking infrastructure. The faculty members have been constantly trained by CISCO Networking Academy, to offer the latest industry relevant networking curriculum. The Division is offering the certification course CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to the students since 2007. The course provides practical hands-on experience to the students on networking concepts during the 110 hours of the course.

As per the CISCO requirements, the CCNA course is divided into following four modules:

  • Networking fundamentals
  • Routing protocols and concepts
  • LAN switching and wireless
  • Accessing the WAN

The CISCO Centre of Excellence is equipped with sophisticated CISCO hardware like routers, switches, wireless adapter, cables and PCs to effectively deliver the CISCO CCNA curriculum. Packet tracer software is also installed in computers to simulate the various network configurations and provide a better understanding on the networking concepts.  CISCO NetRiders, a National Level competition and various divisional level competitions related to networking are conducted regularly with the equipments available in this laboratory. Once in a year students from rural schools are invited and the equipments in the laboratory are demonstrated to motivate them to pursue their career in the networking domain.

The following equipments are available in the Cisco Centre of Excellence at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences.

1 CISCO 2811 (2800 Series Router) 4
2 CISCO 2811—SEC/K9 Router 2
3 2960 Catalyst Switch 5
4 Linksys Wireless Broadband Router 3
5 Adaptive security Appliances ASA5510 2
6 C3750X — Layer 3 Switch 1
7 IOTF Trainer Kit 2
8 CISCO SG350 28 Port Switch 1
9 Sparkfun Inventor Kit 1
10 Raspberry Pi Kit 1
11 Desktop computers
Processor — Pentium 4 processor RAM — 1 GB Operating System — Windows XP Hard Disk — 500 MB 9
Processor — Intel core i5 processor RAM — 4 GB Operating System — Windows 8 Hard Disk — 1 TB 8
Processor — Intel Core i5 processor RAM — 8 GB Operating System — Windows 8 Hard Disk — 1 TB 12

List of activities and Training conducted

Sl.NoEvent NameDateResource PersonNo. of Participants
1 Two days national level workshop on Fog and Cloud computing CCNA 23rd Feb 2018 Dr. Pethuru Raj Chief Architect, Reliance Jio Cloud services, Bangalore. 60
24th Feb 2018 Dr. Ganesh Neelakanta Iyar, Technical Support Manager, Progress Software, Hyderabad.
2 Hands on Workshop on Networking Skills using Packet Tracer Sep 8th & 9th 2017 Dr. J. Immanuel John Raja 65
3 Training on IP addressing and Subnetting Jan 29th 2018 Dr. J. Immanuel John Raja 15

Certification Course Training

S. No.Name of the CourseInstructorYearStudents Trained
1CCENTDr. J. Immanuel John Raja, Mrs. P. Getzi Jeba, Ms. I. Devapriya2015-1620
2CCNADr. J. Immanuel John Raja Mrs. P. Getzi Jeba2015-1620

List of PG Projects and Publications

Sl.NoRegister NumberTitle
1 PR15CS1004 Health Monitoring System with Load Balancing
2 PR15CS1011 An Energy Efficient and Reliable Data Collection Scheduling Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
3 PR15IT1003 Quality Link and Effective Node Selection Scheme for Multi-hop Broadcast in VANETs
4 PR15IT1005 Improvement of QoS for Mac Protocol Oriented in an Unstable Wireless Sensor Networks
5 PR15IT1006 Effective Distributed Denial of Service Detection in Software Defined Networks (SDN)
6 PR15IT1007 Fault Node Recovery Algorithm to Improve the Lifetime of a Wireless Sensor Network
7 PR15IT1008 A Self-learning Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Transfaulty Nodes
8 PR15IT1011 Acknowledgement based Sinkhole Detection Method in WSN
1 PR14CS1003 Fuzzy based backup relay node for maximizing life time in wireless sensor network
2 PR14CS1005 Multiobjective optimization for relay node deployment in wsn
3 PR14CS1007 Reliable data transmission using energy efficient prioritized converge cast scheme for wireless sensor network
4 PR14CS1008 Deadline Preserving Data Collection Using CSMA/CD and Earliest Deadline First(EDF) Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network
5 PR14IT1002 Dynamic Sink Mobility for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
6 PR14IT3005 Real Time Bus Tracking System (Establishing MPTCP Connection Implemented On Raspberry Pi)


1 Paulraj, Getzi Jeba Leelipushpam, et al. "Resource-aware virtual machine migration in IoT cloud." Future Generation Computer Systems (2018).
2 Deva Priya I and Salaja Silas, “A Survey on Research Challenges and Applications in Empowering the SDN based Internet of Things”, ICBCC 18. Springer.
3 Getzi Jeba Leelipushpam Paulraj, Sharmila Anand John Francis, J. Dinesh Peter, Immanuel Johnraja Jebadurai, “Route Aware Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Datacenter”, ICICCT 18. IEEE Conference.
4 Shibin David, Mande Rebecca, "Multi Objective Virtual Force Particle Swarm Optimization In Wireless Sensor Networks", International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications, 10(12), pp. 31755-31762, July 2015.
5 Premnath. K.N, Srinivasan. R, Rajsingh. E.B, “Adapting map-reduce programming model with container based virtualization for self-organizing networks”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications, 10(11), pp. 29539-29554, 2015.
6 Henock Mulugeta Melaku, Kumudha Raimond and Dereje Hailemariam Woldegebreal, “TCP-PLDR: A Novel Packet Loss Detection and Response Mechanism for TCP in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”, Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Old City Publisher, 28(3-4), pp. 183-202, 2015

Student Placements through Certification Training

1 UR15CS072 David Avaneesh Reddy Hyundai Mobis, Sopra Steria
2 UR15CS190 Celesta M/S Nutanix India Pvt., Ltd., Bangalore
3 UR15CS193 Rohith Raj Solartis Tech Pvt Ltd
4 UR16CS002 Arputham M/S. Hinduja Global Solutions, Bangalore
5 UR16CS023 Arul M/S. Iota Labs, Pune
6 UR13CS026 Bavatharini G M/S Netapps India Marketing & Services, Bangalore
7 UR13CS110 R Rajyashri M/S Nutanix India Pvt., Ltd., Bangalore
8 PR14IT1006 Princelly Jesu A M/S. Css Corp Pvt Ltd, Chennai
9 PR14IT1007 Ajayson Nediyaanil M/S. Css Corp Pvt Ltd, Chennai
10 PR14IT1011 Dinesh Jeffrine J M/S. Css Corp Pvt Ltd, Chennai
11 PR15IT1003 Manoj Murali M/S. Css Corp Pvt Ltd, Chennai
12 PR15IT1006 Gobinath M M/S. Css Corp Pvt Ltd, Chennai
13 PR15IT1008 Jayas G James M/S. Css Corp Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Student and Faculty Certification completion details

Sl.NoRegister Number/ Employee IDName of the Student / FacultyCertification Detail
1 UR16CS219 Lingareddy Reddy CCENT
2 UR12CS104 Joshin Johnson CCNA
3 UR11EC064 Joshin John CCNA
4 UR10EC259 Shrikant Venkatesh CCNA
5 1160 Deva Priya.I CCENT

SUSE Centre of Excellence for Cloud Computing.

Division of Computer Science and Engineering signed an MoA with the SUSE Academic program, SUSE Software Solutions, Ireland, on 29th November 2019.

The division of CSE has established a relationship and signed the first agreement with Novell(SUSE was a Partner) in the year 2010. Because of the tremendous academic support and guidance by Novell, the CSE division started offering SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in Enterprise Linux certification program in 2010. Based on the fruitful partnership in the past years, the relationship was further strengthened as Novell started supporting our M.Tech program in the year 2014. Besides, a Center of Excellence for Cloud Computing was established in KITS premises.

This new strategic partnership with SUSE enables us to take the teaching and learning process on par with the industry demands:

  • Endorse and support B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering and M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Empowered to offer Linux Certification training to the students and faulty by a certified university faculty/staff.
  • Support placements in SUSE's Academic Program partner's page.
  • Continuous support to run the center of excellence with necessary branding, logo, and signage
  • SUSE’s Coimbatore partner trainings in the center of excellence
  • Karunya students and faculty can gain access to online SUSE Academy at free of cost.
  • Training: Materials for certified Linux and other courses, both for trainers and students.
  • Curriculum: Campus-use of these materials for student education by faculty staff.
  • Use SUSE for education: Use SUSE products for free for educational or lab purposes.
  • Development Resources: Access to tools and products for use in the lab, software development, or other education settings.
  • Support: Access to knowledge base, forums and technical support.

SUSE Center of Excellence for Cloud Computing

Sl.NoItem descriptionQuantatity
1Supermicro Super Storge Server1
2Super Miro Server (8 Blades)1
3Dell Power Edge R220 1U Rack Server1
4Dell Power Edge R730 Server1
5APW Smart Rack 42U1
6CISCO SG 92-24-AS-24 port 10/100/10001
7CISCO SG-300 28 Port Managed Switch2
8CISCO C1921 Modular Router, 2 GE1
9Aruba Wireless Access Point1
10AP-220 Series Mount Kit1
11Dell Optiplex 3020 Desktop21
12Desktop Computers HP7
13Rasberry PI 3 Model B 1GB RAM 1.2 Ghz 64 bit Quad Core with 802.11 wifi complete kit with black case2
14Rasberry PI Fondation Display 7" Touch Screen1
15Rasberry PI Barebone Touch Screen Display case1
16Robodo Electronic DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor1
17Secu Gen Hu20 Hamester Pro20 Finger print Scanner1
18Fisheye V380 Panoramic Camera1
19Transcend External DVD Writer1
20Sony Projector VPL-Ex2412

IBM Big Data software Centre of Excellence

The IBM Big Data Software Centre of Excellence is an initiative with a vision to enable the students and faculty in higher education to gain the relevant skills in Big Data Analytics, experiential learning and to make them adept with latest Big Data technology and tools. Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences signed an MoU with IBM India Pvt Ltd on August 2015. The objective of this collaboration is to have a number of students graduating from the institution skilled in industry requirements, using best-in-class IBM Software in Big Data Analytics.

Researchers in this center, including faculty and scholars are involved in research projects on Bio-medical text mining, Analytics in surveillance videos, Data Analytics on Social Media data, Drug Analysis, Predictive Analytics for cancer, fraudulent data Analytics, and traffic data analytics.

The IBM CoE offers:

  • Industry certified courses
  • Internships and Entrepreneurship support from leading Industries.
  • FDP for faculty members, Workshops seminars, Webinars for students
  • Miniprojects, Half Semester projects and full semester projects
  • Specialized curriculum on Big Data Technologies created by Karunya Institute of Technology & Sciences in collaboration with the Industry Experts
  • IBM Specialized Big Data Lab is equipped with:
    • IBM Big Data Software - Infosphere BigInsight, Datastage, Streams
    • IBM Datawarehouse for analytics -IBM Netezza.
  • Industry mentors for Project and career support
  • Project Competitions and Hackathons

IBM Big Data software Centre of Excellence - Lab set up

The IBM Lab set up consists of the following hardware and software products from IBM:

Netezza Appliance

The IBM Netezza 100 is an easy-to-use appliance that requires minimal tuning and administration, speeding up application development. As a commodity based appliance, IBM Netezza 100 is a very affordable analytic option, delivering up to 10 TB of user data capacity in a compact physical and environmental footprint.

The following are the value-added products (Software) provided by IBM along with the Netezza-100 appliance (Hardware)

  • Data Integration & Transformation - InfoSphereDataStage Workgroup
  • Hadoop Data Services - InfoSphereBigInsights Enterprise Edition
  • Real-time Analytics - InfoSphere Streams Developer Edition

Data Integration and Transformation will be supported by InfosphereDataStage, Structured Data Analysis by Netezza Analytics, Unstructured Data Analysis by InfoSphereBigInsights (IBM’s flavor of Hadoop), Real Time Analytical Processing by InfoSphere Streams.

A four node Hadoop cluster with IBM Big Insight is deployed for the students and research scholars doing their project in data analytics. All the systems are connected to the Netezza appliance for training and research purpose. Certification Courses

The division offers IBM certification courses to students. Twelve of our faculties were trained in Big data analytics and IBM Cloud Application Development certification. Around 130 students have undergone the certification training last year. Currently IBM Cloud Application Developer Certification course is offered by the IBM CoE.


  • Two of our students Gabriel and Rinaldo Rex did their internship in IBM India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
  • Every year during the Mindkraft, the IBM CoE organizes “Hackathon” supported by IBM India Pvt Ltd.
  • In the year 2018 90 students participated in the IBM’s project Contest “Call for Code” on the topic Natural Disaster and came out with twenty-five projects.

Computing Security Research Lab

The Computing Security Research (CSR) Lab is an advanced research centre in the division of Computer Science and Engineering to provide a state-of-the-art environment for research scholars, UG/PG students and faculty to pursue research in the areas of Security for Networks, Cloud Computing, Big Data Internet of Things, Software Defined Networks, etc. Many UG and PG projects are being done in the Computing Security Research lab. This centre of excellence undertakes the following activities:

          •       Workshops/Seminars in the area of computing security

          •      Publications / Project

          •       Infrastructure Enhancement

          •      Program core curriculum lab support

Industry tie-ups

The CSR lab has an academic MoA with the EC Council Academia partner with partner ID: EACD17124.


To develop the student’s knowledge on cutting edge cyber security technologies, some technical events are regularly organized by the CSR Lab. Resource person are trained experts and always deliver lectures with hands-on in the areas of cyber forensics, ethical hacking and research areas in the areas upcoming areas of cyber security.

To enhance the technical skills of the faculty & student’s, workshops and webinars are organized specifically for the faculty. Experts from the industry have shared their knowledge in area of ethical hacking (new avenues), cyber security, open-source intelligence and deep learning for cyber security.


CSR Lab is associated with the Computing Security Research Group of CSE. The aim of the group is to guide both the students and faculty in terms of research in the area of computing security. Facilities in the centre has been utilized extensively to do research and publish papers in renowned Scopus indexed journals and conferences. There are many journal conference publications which are the main outcomes of this lab from 2014.


Sl. NoItemDescriptionQuantity
1Desktop ComputerDell20
2Desktop ComputerApple iMac2
3ServerPower Edge R4301

Program core curriculum lab support

The Computing Security Lab and its facilities are regularly used for the academic benefit of the students in regular academic lab sessions for PG students. The lab details and the security related syllabus are updated from time to time by the computing security research team.