List of Ph.D Scholars

Sl. NoFacultyProgramName of the SupervisorName of the Ph.D ScholarMode of Ph.D.(Full Time/ Part Time)Registration NumberDate of RegistrationResearch TopicLikely date of completion of Ph.DAvailing Fellowship Yes / NoFunding Agency of Fellowship
1Engineering & TechnologyAerospace EngineeringDr. Pradeep KumarMr. GOPALSAMY MPart TimeRPK18AE00113.08.2018Evaluation of Acoustic characteristics of core filled sandwich structures12.08.2024NilNil
2Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementChemistryDr. A. Samson NesarajMr. P.JOHN KINGSLYPart TimeRPK18CH00101.09.2018Studies on nanocrystalline materials for perovskite solar cells31.08.2024NilNil
3Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementChemistryDr. V. VijaikanthMs. SOWMYA SFull TimeRRK18CH00107.09.2018Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical studies of Cobalt Complexes06.09.2024YesDST-SERB
4Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. E.J. JamesMr. LUNAVATH SOMANNAPart TimRPK18CE00117.08.2018Performance evaluation of barrages/vented dams in peninsular India16.08.2024NilNil
5Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. P.D. ArumairajMr. MAMIDALA PRUDHVIPart TimRPK18CE0020707.08.2018Performance evaluation of barrages/vented dams in peninsular India16.08.2024NilNil
6Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. E.J. JamesMs. NIRANJANA THOMASPart TimRPK18CE00314.08.2018Application of Integrated Hydrologic and Agronomic Model to Study the Different Scenarios emerging Out of Climate Change13.08.2024NilNil
7Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. D. TensingMs. GEETHU DINESHPart TimeRPK18CE00409.08.2018Experimental and Analytical studies on Pre-cast Composite Space frame Structure08.08.2024NilNil
8Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. Prince Arul RajMs. NARMATHA MPart TimRPK18CE00510.08.2018Effect of Magnetic water on Mechanical Properties of Concrete with M-sand09.08.2024NilNil
9Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. P.D. ArumairajMr. E THINAKARANPart TimRPK18CE00616.08.2018An Integrated approach on study of Lake Dynamics15.08.2024NilNil
10Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. P.D. ArumairajMs. MENAKA T MPart TimRPK18CE00707.08.2018Structural performance of fibrous concrete with partial replacement of fine aggregates06.08.2024NilNil
11Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. G. HemalathaMr. D.SAMUEL ABRAHAMPart TimRPK18CE00807.9.2018Studies on Seismic resistance of structures using vibration absorbing material06.08.2024NilNil
12Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. P.D. ArumairajMr. S JANAKI RAMANPart TimRPK18CE00907.08.2018Characteristic study on geopolymer for soil stabilization06.08.2024NilNil
13Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. J. BremaMs. BLESSY JPart TimRRK18CE00109.08.2018Soil Quality Indices using Bio-Synthesised Nano Particles08.08.2024NilNil
14Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. P.D. ArumairajMr. B VIJAYA PRASADPart TimRRK18CE00207.08.2018Study on Hybrid Geopolymer concrete with fibres06.08.2024NilNil
15Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. J. Immanuel John RajaMs. DEEPA DEVASSYPart TimRPK18CS00113.08.2018Optimal Scheduling Algorithms for Internet of Things12.08.2024NilNil
16Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. J. Dinesh PeterMs. SOUMYA VARMAPart TimRPK18CS00224.08.2018Automatic Video Captioning using Deep Learning Technique23.08.2024NilNil
17Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. E. Grace Mary KanagaMs. ANN RIJA PAULPart TimRPK18CS00401.08.2018Video Analytics using Deep Learning Techniques31.07.2024NilNil
18Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. J. AnithaMs. J. REX FIONAPart TimRPK18CS00513.08.2018Image Processing techniques for crop analysis and detection in agriculture12.08.2024NilNil
19Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. E. KirubakaranMs. HIMA HARIDASPart TimRPK18CS00603.09.2018Data mining techniques for forecasting and control different types of stroke02.09.2024NilNil
20Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. E. KirubakaranMr. BL RADHAKRISHNANPart TimRPK18CS00710.08.2018Health Informatics system for air pollution diseases using Cloud, IoT and Bigdata09.08.2024NilNil
21Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. S. SalajaMs. JOYCE BERYL PRINCESS. PFull TimeRRK18CS00109.08.2018Machine Learning Techniques in Medical Image Analysis08.08.2024YesSRF - ICMR
22Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. G. Jaspher W. KathrineMs. ANTONY TAURSHIAFull TimeRRK18CS00211.08.2018Security as a service for hetrogeneous IoT devices10.08.2024NilNil
23Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. S. Immanuel Alex PandiaMr. SANTHANARAJ MPart TimeRPK18EC00103.08.2018Design of Optimal FIR filters using optimization Techniques02.08.2024NilNil
24Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. D. Abraham ChandyMr. SHINE P JAMESPart TimeRPK18EC00228.08.2018Automation of Sulcus Variability analysis in Humans27.08.2024NilNil
25Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. T. Anita Jones mary PushpaMs. DEEPA MATHEW KPart TimeRPK18EC00320.08.2018Design & Analysis of carrier sense Multiple Access Synchronous scheduling for WSN19.08.2024NilNil
26Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. Shanty ChackoMs. ANUSHA CHACKOPart TimeRPK18EC00403.08.2018Digital Watermarking02.08.2024NilNil
27Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. M. NesasudhaMr. RANGA RAO ORUGUPart TimeRPK18EC00503.08.2018Design & Development of fractal based beam switchable UWB Antenna for WSN Application02.08.2024NilNil
28Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. J. AnithaMr. P MANIKANDANPart TimeRPK18EC00628.07.2018Efficient Noise Removal techniques for medical Images27.07.2024NilNil
29Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. J. AnithaMs. ASHA GNANA PRIYA HPart TimeRRK18EC00126.07.2018Automated detection and classification of different stages of Diabetic Retinopattry using neural networks25.07.2024NilNil
30Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. D. Jackuline MoniMs. JOSEPHINE ANUCIA APart TimeRRK18EC00210.08.2018Performance analysis of Nanotube FET09.08.2024NilNil
31Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. D. Abraham ChandyMs. DEEPTHY MARY ALEXAFull TimeRRK18EC00328.07.2018Development of techniques to improvise the detection of CKD based on ultra sound scans27.07.2024NilNil
32Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. M. NesasudhaMr. DOONDI KUMAR JANAPALAFull TimeRRK18EC00511.08.2018Antenna design for wireless body area Network10.08.2024NilNil
33Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. D. Jude HemanthMs. M KALPANA CHOWDARYFull TimeRRK18EC00624.07.2018Human emotion analysis using Intelligent approaches23.07.2024NilNil
34Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. M.S.P. SubathraMs. CHETTIPALLI RUTH VINUTHAFull TimeRRK18EC00716.08.2018EEG Data classification using signal Processing Techniques for clinical applications15.08.2024NilNil
35Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. F.T. JoshMr. MEJO PAULPart TimeRPK18EE00127.08.2018Multi-pole Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicle26.08.2024NilNil
36Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. A. Immanuel SelvakumarMr. J ASIR DANIELPart TimeRPK18EE00214.08.2018Fault Tolerent of Self-Heling Capability for Smart Grid13.08.2024NilNil
37Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. V. JegathesanMr. SEBIN DAVIS KPart TimeRPK18EE00303.08.2018Power Control of two-stage photovoltaic power conversion systems with partial power converter02.08.2024NilNil
38Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. J. JayakumarMr. RAMA RAO BOMMAPart TimeRPK18EE00427.08.2018Energy storage system for grid application26.08.2024NilNil
39Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. K. Vinoth KumarMr. VELAKURTHI MAHESH KUMARPart TimeRPK18EE00527.07.2018Minimization of Torque Ripples in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive (SRM) by Using Soft Computing Techniques26.07.2024NilNil
40Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. M.S.P. SubathraMs. RINI VARGHESE PPart TimeRPK18EE00628.08.2018Signal processing techniques to identify the islanding and other power quality issues in DG27.08.2024NilNil
41Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. M. LydiaMs. ANITA PHILIPSFull TimeRRK18EE00128.07.2018Key Management in Smart Grid Networks27.07.2024NilNil
42Engineering & TechnologyEIEDr. X. Anitha MaryMr. MAGE REENA VARGHESEPart TimeRPK18EI00122.09.2018Some Aspects on Controller Design for Propeller21.09.2024NilNil
43Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglishDr. Helen Unius BackiavathyMs. BETTY ELSA JACOBPart TimeRPK18EN00130.07.2018Beyond the Wheelchair: A Study of the Respresentation of Cerebral Palsy in Select works of Disability theatre29.07.2024NilNil
44Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglishDr. D. David WilsonMs. SHIJI. IBRAHIM. UPart TimeRPK18EN00223.07.2018The self Igniting Womanhood of Mugal Empire in Taj Mahal Trilogy22.07.2024NilNil
45Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglishDr. R. Corneli Agnes RosabellaMs. KEERTHANA.RPart TimeRPK18EN00326.07.2018A Study of Select Works from the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis25.07.2024NilNil
46Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglishDr. R. Corneli Agnes RosabellaMs. C.SHYLINFull TimeRRK18EN00130.07.2018Ecocritical Study of Melville's Moby Dick, Yan Martel's Life of Pi and Conrad's Lord Jim29.07.2024NilNil
47Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglishDr. J. SundarsinghMr. MESHACH R.S EDWINFull TimeRRK18EN00226.07.2018Technology enabled learning at Primary level25.07.2024NilNil
48Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglishDr. D. David WilsonMr. AJAYVISSNU. M. NAIRFull TimeRRK18EN00316.08.2018A study on the victimization of Mentally Disturbed characters in the select works from American Literature15.08.2024NilNil
49Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. A. Hepzibah ChristinalMs. PREETHI CEON YPart TimeRPK18MA00106.08.2018Spiking Neural P Sytem and Images05.08.2024NilNil
50Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. A. Hepzibah ChristinalMs. KOWSALYA.GPart TimeRPK18MA00206.08.2018Sampling and Compressive Sensing in Imaging05.08.2024NilNil
51Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. B. ElavarasanMs. JEBA PRESITHA BPart TimeRPK18MA00310.08.2018Contributions to Ideals in Ternary Semirings09.08.2024NilNil
52Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. J. Daphy Louis LoveniaMs. SINDHUJA. SFull TimeRRK18MA00106.08.2018Fractional Difference Equations05.08.2024NilNil
53Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. G. Gomathi JawaharMs. R JESINTHA ANGELFull TimeRRK18MA00206.08.2018Non Linear Difference Equations05.08.2024NilNil
54Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. R. SelvamaniMs. REXY JFull TimeRRK18MA00316.08.2018Waves in piezo electric Nano plate15.08.2024NilNil
55Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. Sabitha JannetMr. VINEETH KRISHNA PPart TimeRPK18ME00116.08.2018Microstructural studies and characterization of Friction Stir Processed Surface Composites13.08.2024NilNil
56Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. P. SampaulMr. D. MADHANPart TimeRPK18ME00331.08.2018Investigations on the influence of magnetorheological damper on Vibration in Rotating Machinery30.08.2024NilNil
57Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. R. RajaMr. AJU JO SANKARATHILPart TimeRPK18ME00428.08.2018Fabrication and cahracterisation of smart polymers02.09.2024NilNil
58Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. D.S. Robinson SmartMr. D. JOSLIN VIJAYAPart TimeRPK18ME00503.09.2018Development and investigations of Al5052 reinforced with ceramic materials. Such as CNT/Graphite/Cadium02.09.2024NilNil
59Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. A. Brusly SolomonMr. AJITH KFull TimeRRK18ME00114.08.2018Studies on ferro magnatic field based natural convection heat transfer in nanofluids13.08.2024NilNil
60Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementManagement SciencesDr. F.J. Peter KumarMs. NEETHU JOSEPart TimeRPK18MS00130.08.2018Impulse Buying Behaviour-Analysis of the impact of visual merchandising and demorgraphic factors in retail sector in Kerala29.08.2024NilNil
61Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementManagement SciencesDr. K. KarthikeyanMr. E. KIRUBAKARANPart TimeRPK18MS00221.08.2018Cost Effective Integrated Management System for Micro and Small Enterprises using Emerging Trends in Information Technology20.08.2024NilNil
62Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementPhysicsDr. A. AbiramMr. PRINCE MAKARIOS PAUL. SFull TimeRRK18PH00120.09.2018Theoretical Investigation on Metalloporphyrins for Carbon Capture Application19.09.2024NilNil
63Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementPhysicsDr. M. Senthil KumarMs. ANJUMOL JOYFull TimeRRK18PH00225.09.2018Metal oxide thin films for Biosensors24.09.202NilNil
64Engineering & TechnologyAerospace EngineerinDr. G. Jims John WessleMr. BALAJI KPart TimeRPK17AE00103.02.2018Aerodynamic Efficiency enhancement of Aerofoil using co-flow Jet02.02.2024NilNil
65Agriculture and BiosciencesBiotechnologyDr. R.T. NarendhirakannanMr. PRASHANTH VARKEYPart TimeRPK17BT00113.02.2018Formulation of medicated dressing material to treat Burn wounds - An invitro and invivo studies12.02.2024NilNil
66Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementChemistryDr. A. Samson NesarajMs. SWATHI CHIDARABOYINAPart TimeRPK17CH00107.02.2018Development of oxide nanoparticles for environmental applications06.02.2024NilNil
67Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementChemistryDr. R. NandhakumarMs. HARITHA JAYARAJFull TimeRRK17CH00101.02.2018Fluorescent chemosensors for varied Applications29.02.2024YesDST - SERB
68Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementChemistryDr. V. VijaikanthMr. BOOPALAN SFull TimeRRK17CH00231.01.2018Synthesis, Characterization and applications of organocobalt complexes with dioxime ligand30.01.2024YesDST - SERB
69Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementChemistryDr. V. MadhuMr. NAGARASU. PFull TimeRRK17CH00323.02.2018Design of Organic and Inorganic Materials for Optoelectronic and Catalytic Application22.02.2024YesDST - SERB
70Engineering & TechnologyCivil EngineeringDr. J. BremaMr. NAVEEN KUMAR. SPart TimeRPK17CE00125.01.2018Assessing the impact of landuse changes on water quality in and around Ooty, Tamilnadu24.01.2024NilNil
71Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. D. Sujitha JulietMr. ANDREWS JOSEPart TimeRPK17CS00120.01.2018Detection of Liver Diseases by recognizing patterns using Digital19.01.2024NilNil
72Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. J. AnithaMr. S AKILA AGNESPart TimeRPK17CS00320.01.2018Automatic Detection and Diagnosis of Lung Cancer using Deep Convolutional Neural Network19.01.2024NilNil
73Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. G. Jaspher W. KathrineMr. BASIL XAVIERPart TimeRPK17CS00430.01.2018A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Using Classifiers29.01.2024NilNil
74Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. R. Elijah Blessing VinothMr. ARUN KUMAR SPart TimeRPK17CS00627.01.2018Machine Learning Model for Categorization of E-Content26.01.2024NilNil
75Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. R. Elijah Blessing VinothMr. ARUN KUMAR SPart TimeRPK17CS00627.01.2018Machine Learning Model for Categorization of E-Content26.01.2024NilNil
76Engineering & TechnologyCSEDr. R. Elijah Blessing VinothMr. ARUN KUMAR SPart TimeRPK17CS00627.01.2018Machine Learning Model for Categorization of E-Content26.01.2024NilNil
77Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. V. JegathesanMr. KALAGOTLA CHENCHIREDDYPart TimeRPK17EE00102.02.2018Inverter for Renewable Energy Sources01.02.2024NilNil
78Engineering & TechnologyEEEDr. J. JayakumarMs. HONEY BABYPart TimeRRK17EE00129.01.2018Performance Analysis of Distributed system network28.01.2024NilNil
79Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. G. Josemin BalaMr. SEBIN SUNNY PPart TimeRPK17EC00125.01.201Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks for Internet of Things24.01.2024NilNil
80Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. S. Thomas GeorgeMs. SANJUKTA RANI JENAFull TimeRRK17EC00125.01.201Lung Cancer detection using Soft Computing Techniques26.01.2024NilNil
81Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. J. AnithaMs. ANJU ASOKANFull TimeRRK17EC00206.01.2018Region based Satellite Image Compression using Image05.01.2024NilNil
82Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. D. NirmalMr. GODFREY DFull TimeRRK17EC00312.01.2018Design & Fabrication of Nano structured/Nanoserale Nano Generator and study of its characteristics11.01.2024NilNil
83Engineering & TechnologyECEDr. Shanty ChackoMr. JAMES DEVA KORESH HFull TimeRRK17EC00419.01.2018Analysis of Refractive error of an eye through Medical Image Processing Techniques18.01.2024NilNil
84Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglish/td>Dr. Helen Unius BackiavathyMs. DINY THOMAS KUTTYPart TimeRPK17EN00107.02.2018Intersectional Feminism in the Select Novels of Buchi Emicheta06.02.2024NilNil
85Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementEnglish/td>Dr. M. PoonkodiMs. SUBBALAKSHMI SFull TimeRRK17EN00103.02.2018A retrospection into past to reinterpret the women charaters in a modern perspective - A study of the select novels of Amish Tripathi02.02.2024NilNil
87Sciences, Arts,Media and ManagementMathematicsDr. S. Elizabeth Amudhini StephenMr. JAGAN TPart TimeRPK17MA00131.01.2018Application of OPtimization30.01.2024NilNil
88Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. L. Godson AsirvathamMr. VIVEK V MPart TimeRRK17ME00102.03.2018Cooling of high concentrated Photo-Voltaic cell by loop heat pipe and cogeneration with ogranic Ramkine cyde01.03.2024NilNil
89Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. A. Brusly SolomonMr. AL. SRIRAM SUDHANFull TimeRRK17ME00216.02.2018Development and Characterization of Anodized Grooved Heat Pipes for Electronic Cooling Applications15.02.2024YesDST-SERB
90Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringDr. L. Godson AsirvathamMr. MANOVA SFull TimeRRK17ME003/td>23.02.2018Solar based thermal energy storage with heat pipes and thermo electric cooler for room heating applications22.02.2024NilNil