QS Sustainability Ranking

Environmental Sustainability

  1. Training on Environmental Aspects of Sustainability  Click here
  2. Student Led Societies Click here
  3. Carbon emissions and Renewable Energy Sourcess Click here
  4. Assessment of the literacy and knowledge on sustainabilitys Click here
  5. Policy on Mitigating the Impact on Climate and the Environments Click here
  6. Policy on Teaching and Learning Processs Click here
  7. Policy on Sustainable Investments Click here
  8. Policy on Sustainable Procurements Click here

Environmental Education

  1. Environmental Educations Click here


  1. Environmental Researchs Click here


  1. Training on Social aspects of Sustainabilitys Click here
  2. Support Services for People with Disabilitiess Click here
  3. EDI Policys Click here
  4. Disable Friendly Policys Click here

Knowledge Exchanges

  1. Outreach Projects for the local Communitys Click here

Health and Wellbeing

  1. Access to sexual and reproductive health-care servicess Click here
  2. Access to Mental Health Supports Click here
  3. Access to physical healthcare services on campuss Click here
  4. Provision of healthy and affordable food choices for all on campuss Click here


  1. Ethical Trainings Click here
  2. Sustainability committees Click here
  3. Ethical Committees Click here
  4. Student Unions Click here
  5. Policy on Anti Corruption and Briberys Click here
  6. Policy on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusions Click here
  7. Ethical Policys Click here