Learning and Growing as a community is one of the most indispensable tool we succeed for. Together we learn and put our knowledge and education forward for the well-being of the society.

Karunya Summer School is an eccentric experience that ladders up the education from an orthodox system to an energetic experimental exposure. It offers highly motivated, intellectually curious students the opportunity to learn Computational Thinking and indulge in cutting-edge technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Students will engage in experiential and project-based learning with our instructors who are experts in the fields and passionate about teaching. We believe that the students will have an amazing experience during this summer in learning the Information Technology skills needed for the 21st century. We make sure that you gain abundance of knowledge during all the days of the summer school.



Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking (CT)

  • Decomposition

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Abstraction

  • Algorithm Design

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

  • Data analysis

  • Feature identification

  • Visualization

  • Model building

  • Simple classification

  • Machine Learning Model

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • Embedded systems

  • Using Arduino sketch

  • Integrating sensors with Arduino


How do I enroll for the Karunya Summer School ?
You can find the enrollment form in our website under the section register . A confirmation mail will be sent if you are selected.
Who can participate in this Summer School?
Any school student from Coimbatore in the age group 12-18 can participate.
Is lunch provided during the Summer School?
No, we won't be providing lunch. But, we do provide snacks and other refreshments during the Summer School.
How can I reach the venue for the Summer School?
We have arranged bus transport from Gandhipuram and you can also use public transport to reach Karunya University.
Is there any registration fee for this Summer School?
Yes, There is a non-refundable fees of Rs.500.
Whom should I contact for further queries?
You can contact Mr. Vinodh Ewards, Head CTC of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. Email: [email protected] Phone:9894640985