Faculty Profile

Dr. Enoch Muthu Vijayan, Associate Professor & Head
B.Sc., Chemistry M.Phil., Chemistry M. Tech., Nanotechnology M.Sc. Chemistry Ph.D Chemistry
Magnetic Nanoparticles and Drug delivery
Dr. B.Vidhya, Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Materials Science Ph.D in Solid state electronics
Thin Film solar cells, photocatalysis, nanomaterials synthesis and characterization
Mr. S.K.Suresh Babu, Assistant Professor
B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering, M.E. in VLSI Design. Ph.D (Pursuing)
Nanodeives modelling Fabrication of TFET
Mr. Raja , Technician- SEM
([email protected])
Mr. Shaun Pravin, Technician- XRD
([email protected])