Research Facilities


Industrial instrumentation research focuses on the design and development of techniques and instruments used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities in industry. It includes the following research areas:

  1. Smart instrumentation
  2. Wireless instrumentation
  3. MEMS, sensors and actuators
  4. Standardization
  5. Distributed measurements
  6. Data acquisition

NI Elvis
Automatic Navigation Robot
Distributed Control System


Process control research covers the application of control theory, modeling, computing and operations for providing solution to control problems of process industries. It includes the following research areas:

  1. Process modeling and simulation
  2. Plant monitoring
  3. Control techniques and algorithm
  4. Networked control system
  5. Design of DCS and SCADA
  6. Process control area networks
Quadruple Tank
Level Process Station


Associated with LANCET Commission on Global Surgery, India.
Research Projects related to surgery tools and devices for health care.
On going projects: Non invasive hemoglobin measurement system, Low cost Vacuum therapy device for healing of Diabetic wound, Diaper warning system etc.,

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences in collaboration with Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, an International organization which provides surgical benefits to the poor patients. It offers platform for innovation in surgical, health care and biomedical device development. This innovation cell would interact with SEESHA and identify societal problems to enhance the quality of life in rural health care.It is associated with the Harvard Medical School which supports the centre at Karunya for review the projects and helps in improving them. Industrial tie-ups helps in development of patent and products.