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Third International Conference on Big-Data and Cloud Computing (The ICBDCC'19) is a premier forum with the primary goal of promoting ideas that provides technological solutions to the Big-Data and Cloud computing applications. This conference will provide a unique forum for the practitioners, developers and users to exchange ideas, present their observations, models, results and experiences with the researchers who are involved in real time projects that provide solutions for research problems of recent advancements in Big-Data and Cloud computing technologies. In the last decade, a number of sophisticated and new computing technologies has been evolved that strides the society in every facet of it. With the introduction of new computing paradigms such as Cloud computing, Big-Data and other innovations, this conference promises to be a high quality dessimination forum for new ideas, technology focus, research results and discussions on the evolution of computing for the benefit of both scientific and industrial developments.

We invite researchers, students and industrialists with innovative ideas to submit their research findings.

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THRUST AREAS OF CONFERENCE (But not limited to...)


  • Innovative Cloud infrastructure for Big Data
  • Green, energy - efficient models and sustainability issues for big data
  • Resource scheduling, SLA, fault tolerance and reliability for big data
  • Data models for big data analytics
  • Machine learning techniques for big data
  • Index structures for big Data analytics
  • Interaction design for exploratory analytics
  • Large-scale recommendation systems and graph analysis
  • Big data security, privacy, and services

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud migration
  • Infrastructure, platform, application, business, social and mobile cloud
  • Storage, data and analytics clouds
  • Self-service cloud portal, dashboard, analytics
  • Security, privacy and compliance management in clouds
  • Cloud configuration, performance and capacity Management
  • High performance cloud computing
  • Green cloud computing
  • Mobile driven cloud computing
  • IoT and Cloud

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Security
  • Data privacy
  • Cloud privacy
  • Security as a service

Data Analytics In Cloud

  • Analytics Application
  • Scientific computing and data management
  • Big data management and analytics
  • Storage, Data, and Analytics Clouds

Big-Data & Cloud Computing Applications

  • Big data & cloud for enterprise, government, and society
  • Case studies of big data value creation
  • Big data & cloud for improving resilient infrastructures
  • Big data & cloud research and project experience in bio-medical and health care application services
  • Big data & cloud based energy and environment control, evaluation and management
  • Big data & cloud research applications and service systems in hospitality, tourism, transportation and urban planning
  • Autonomic business process and workflow management in clouds
  • Big Data & cloud technologies for business applications in vertical markets - like Telecom, Mobile computing, Sensor networks, Social networking, Smart cities, etc.
  • Multimedia applications in mobile cloud environments
  • Big data & cloud in food and agriculture

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