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To achieve scientific water management and water security for all, especially those in the semi-arid zones, with the application of academic, scientific, extension and capacity building inputs.


To impart higher education, to carry out research, to build capacity, and to solve location-specific problems for achieving sustainable water resources management, especially in the semi-arid zones of India.

  1. Enhancing higher studies in the water sector
  2. Providing R&D input to water management
  3. Encouraging collaborative research, exchange and twinning programs
  4. Supporting government/ private agencies through a consortium of consultants
  5. Transfer of technology, capacity building and extension activities

  1. Facilitating Ph D programs
  2. Conducting postgraduate programs
  3. Carrying out research - basic and applied
  4. Taking up consultancy assignments
  5. Transfer of technology, extension, training and capacity building
  6. Entering in to MoUs for joint research, exchange and sandwich programs