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Courses Offered:

M.Sc. Physics (Full Time)

M.PhiI. Physics (Full Time / Part Time)

Ph.D. Physics (Full Time / Part Time)


The postgraduate and doctoral programmes in Physics are steps towards the mission of Karunya University. The Department of Physics offers a two year full time M.Sc. Programme with specialisation in nanoscience and technology, microsystems (MEMS) and embedded technology. The subjects such as Advanced Condensed Matter Physics, Physics of Thin Films and Nano-Materials & Devices are also included in the curriculum.

The department has many quality faculty possessing doctoral and postdoctoral experience inland and overseas, who could guide students towards a progression in higher studies and career.

Hands-on experience is provided to the students through theory and practical sessions in the recent advances in Physics. The following are some of the cutting edge technologies

  1. Thin film techniques
  2. Nanoscience and nanotechnology
  3. Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)
  4. Embedded systems
  5. Computer programming and applications


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