Diagnostic camp was held at Tukrajhar in Lower Assam among the Bodo tribes. This was organized by the Bodo Baptist Council [consisting of over 120 Churches]. More than 250 patients were treated during the high tech. diagnostic camps where ultrasound examination, cystoscopies and minor surgical procedures were carried out.


Surgical camps were held at Chappara near New Bongaigaon and at Bethesda Hospital at Aizawl. During these camps 45 major surgical procedures were carried out including 9 laparoscopic surgical procedures.



     Prostate surgery is generally carried out using Glycine or water and absorption of this irrigation fluid can cause complications. A new invention is the BiTUR which is a special instrument that uses normal saline for TURP {or cutting prostate into small pieces and removing}. The new technique became available at SEESHA -KRCH in April.
       Recently the SEESHA team helped in designing the prototype for carrying out transurethral vaporization of prostate using normal saline which is the best available technology at present. The prototype was successfully tested at SEESHA-KRCH.

The Alan laboratories that produced the prototype would soon start commercial production after few modifications. 


Cancer of the Penis is a serious condition and its treatment has a very high morbidity because many of the lymph vessels are cut and large skin incisions are made thus leading to infection and lymph leak. The recent advance in its treatment is removing the lymph nodes using the laparoscopic surgical instruments and sealing the lymph vessels with vessel sealing system.
       The SEESHA team was able to perform such an operation on a patient  from Mizoram and the would healed  without infection or lymph leak. Literature review showed that our team was only the eight team in the World to carry out such a surgical procedure. We thank God for the success of the procedure.