Live Broadcast


Endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries are now broadcast live to the patients relatives

It is a new opportunity for learning


Towards SEESHA's vision

No one to look after son committed suicide
 Stinking rotten flesh due to complication of diabetes
Wife disabled due to hip fracture



Underwent corrective surgeries

Had use of the new innovation at SEESHA {the vacuum therapy unit that was specially modified for him}

Thondamuthur camp


195 patients were treated during the camp

Excellent co-operation & counseling by all the local Pastors

Sponsorship by Mr. Parthibhan and family

Thondamuthur camp


The local MLA, Government officers and village officials were helpful and involved in the camp

Laboratory, Pharmacy, ultrasound, Physiotherapy and various specialists were available

Awards and Degrees


Dr. Annie Gibson received the 'Doctor of excellence' award from the KG hospital

Dr. J. Gnanaraj was awarded the Fellowship in laparoscopic surgeries 'FIAGES'



January 20, 2011


7 surgical procedures including 5 major surgeries and 15 in patients

Pray that this would be the beginning of things to come in future