The ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ consisted of preaching, healing and teaching. Offering heath and healing is the demonstrative of God's love and care to the poor marginalized and the humanity. Thousands of sick people benefit through the medical services of SEESHA, Which fulfills, the vision of the founder Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to reach the poor and marginalized through innovative health care programs.

Seesha is a non-profit organization founded by a world renowned spiritual leader, educationalist, social worker and philanthropist Dr. Paul Dhinakaran with a noble vision for the upliftment of the poor and the needy in the year 2003.

The mission of Seesha is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ and to wipe away the tears of the poor and needy, to alleviate their sufferings through its various welfare, social and health assistance programmes without any discrimination of caste, colour, creed, race and religion.

The Karunya University students are participating in the various activities of Seesha. They help the students in the tuition centers, serve as volunteers in the hospital, help in the disability survey, develop software on hospital management system and involve in research work by developing new low cost effective medical equipments with the medical team of Karunya Rural Community Hospital. The students contribute towards Seesha's various activities. The students will have yet another opportunity to serve in the proposed opening of a New Old Age Care Home and Rehabilitation Center in the month of Feb 2011 in Karunya Nagar. In India Seesha distributes 20000 new dresses to poor children every year and today we are distributing clothes for the poor children in this area.


This hospital was established earlier with a vision to serve the village people at Karunya Nagar in Coimbatore. Rapid improvements were made in the infrastructure, quality of medical care, and medical equipment of the hospital to improve the standard and quality of the medical care provided to the poor and needy people. This is a 30 bed hospital. During the last 9 months, several laparoscopic and endoscopic urology surgeries were carried out in addition to advanced general surgical procedures like video inguinal block dissection for cancer. The average outpatient number is about 150 per day. More than 25,000 people are benefitted through the good laboratory with semi-automatic analyzers {for a wide variety of tests}, x - rays and ultrasound examinations are available. The Hospital management system is computerized.  All the records of every patient are digitalized. The staff and students of Karunya University work with SEESHA to enhance the services that are offered to improve the quality of care. Several studies are being carried out with the help of the University. Dental care, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation care are also provided at the hospital.

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