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For the overall development of a professional to be placed in the highest realms, an educational body is considered to play a pivotal role. A budding professional has to be physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually top in his field. This can be realized through intensive sporting programmes and excellent sporting facilities. The Karunya University (KU) provides such an environment which facilities the optimal efficiency and effectiveness for the emerging dynamic engineers and managers. The University provides the best sporting coaching facilities to groom the enormous potential lying hidden among the students. The Karunya sports complex is well known for its best facilitated grounds for various sporting disciplines. The KU has attained quite a reputation in sports activities especially among the professional institutions by winning several prestigious tournaments conducted in various levels. The competitive spirit is encouraged as the University organizes a variety of tournaments of repute, coaching camps and establishment of sporting clubs.

Sports And Facilities

The department of Physical Education of the KDU has an excellent infrastructure to meet the sporting requirements and regular physical exercise. The University has a newly constructed indoor auditorium having an area of 748.162 sq.m meant for shuttle badminton, table tennis and carom. The Evangeline fitness gym is one among the top class facilities constructed & maintained by the Department of Physical Education of KDU. This gym is installed with the latest gym equipment of the highest standard. In addition to this, the University has the following facilities

Outdoor facilities

  • Football fields
  • Hockey field
  • Basketball concrete courts
  • Volleyball courts
  • Ball Badminton courts
  • Kabaddi courts
  • Badminton courts
  • Indoor Facilities

  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Carom
  • Archery Arena

  • Photo Courtesy: Rodney Simon (Visual Communication)

    Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament

    The Karunya Deemed University is well known for its intensified contribution towards overall development of a professional to be placed in the highest levels. Among the various endeavors undertaken, the most significant among them all is the spectacular sporting event Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament (EMT). This sporting extravaganza focuses on four sporting events football, basketball, volleyball and kabaddi. The event is organized every year in the precious memory of Angel, the daughter of our beloved Chancellor of the KDU Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran.She had an earnest desire to see the young people of her age to be elevated to the highest levels of the society for the glory of the almighty God. She left for her eternal abode on 21-8-1986 just months before the university was established .As a token of her remembrance, every year a vast army of students under the dynamic guidance of the faculty and the alumni organize this sporting event in a superlative level. This sporting event, which is conducted as a South India level tournament, has witnessed the clash between the best sporting teams from the best universities and technical institutions. Teams from TamilNadu and all our neighboring states will vie for the top honors in the various disciplines. All the playfields are equipped with floodlights to ensure smooth conduct of the matches. A jury of referees of national repute will referee the matches. Besides this, the third and fourth prizes are also given and certificates are issued to all the participating teams. All the various facets of this tournament are skillfully co-ordinated by the organizing committee consisting of the Vice-chancellor, the Registrar and the director of Physical education.