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The present global challenges of humanity pertain to energy crisis, health needs, access to clean water and shortage of food. Nanotechnology, which involves the design and application of structures and devices by controlled manipulation of their size and shape at the atomic level, is seen as the ultimate solution to life's key problems.

In compliance with the mission of Karunya University, the Department of Nanosciences and Technology has joined the global nano revolution to improve the quality of human life with respect to food, water, health and energy. The department focuses on innovative teaching and research in emerging fields of Nanotechnology and Nanosciences. M. Tech. Nanotechnology offered by the Department of Nanosciences and Technology is sponsored by the Nanomission, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Government of India.

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Dr. V. Gunasekaran - Awarded JSPS fellowship

Dr. V. Gunasekaran - Award by Science Direct

Patent filed - Dr. Arun Dakshinamurthy

Mr. T. Sakthivel- Awarded IKRI Fellowship

MindKraft - 2015

Promo Video-Mk2k15

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Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM)- Introductory Offer

M.Tech. Nanotechnology 
M.Tech. Nanotechnology - 2 years full program for B.Tech/BE Graduates

M.Sc. Nanoscience & Tech - For +2 students
M.Sc. Nanoscience & Tech - For +2 students

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