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Alexander Mathew

“I will bless the LORD who has counselled me; indeed, my mind instructs me in the night. I have set the LORD continually before me;

Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” My name is Alexander Mathew doing my 2nd year MBA specialized in Marketing at Karunya University Business School (KUBS). This testimonial is about how God gave me and two of my fellow mates – Anthony Prashanth Andrew and Premjith.R an opportunity to compete in a national level contest and witness to His amazing grace, mercy and support from beginning to the end.

At KUBS I enjoy interactive learning with industry exposure and also experience by participating in contests across various colleges. In September 2014 the most exciting opportunity by far, came in the form of the V-Guard Big Idea Business Contest 2014.

The first challenge for us three as a team was to come up with a unique idea that would help us get selected. We sat together and discussed for weeks and finally came up with an idea to create an induction and gas stove cooking appliance with very unique features. We sent in our entry and waited with bated breath for the announcement, and God did not disappoint! We were one of the 20 selected teams out of 130 other teams from across India. The journey began!

What followed in the next three weeks leading up to the final presentation on stage in front of a jury was – writing a 5000 word report about our idea, preparing the presentation and gearing ourselves up mentally. An important point here is, all three of us are not very strong in the subject of Finance and from the contest’s perspective the financial aspect was a key portion of the report which was left lacking; despite this we felt strong and thanked God for the opportunity in our prayers. He had guided us through to this point and I believed that He would continue to do so even further. As ultra-competitive as I was I believed He was about to make us; the KUBS team like David face some ‘giants’ in the form of some very reputed management institutes and WIN!

On the first day of the competition, our team was scheduled to present in the afternoon and we could only watch as 7 other teams made presentations in succession and were asked incisive questions, leaving most fumbling for answers. As the time to get on stage grew closer, we stepped out of the hall and went to a quiet corner of the hotel where the program was being conducted and prayed – asking God to guide us, control our tongues and let the words flow confidently. We put everything in his hands and got on to stage.

For those fifteen minutes God as our guide we gave the presentation of our lives! Details flowed eloquently, the jury sat enraptured and even though the financial details were barely there not a single question was asked about it! Our strongest points were the technical and marketing aspects of the product and we were questioned only on this. When we got off stage, the smiling jury gave appreciative nods, the big name college teams looked at us in awe and the deafening silence was witness to God’s miraculous guidance that afternoon.

The end result was a solid 4th place finish which spoke louder than words. It was a resounding victory for us, competing with premium Institutes. Not only that we were the darlings of the jury with our friendly nature and interaction during the tea and lunch breaks. We were also able to bond with them and the fact some of the V-Guard company heads came up to us at the forum was witness that God was truly giving us centre stage at an event he led us to. Amen.

In closing, God’s guidance across the course of two months during this contest proved to us that his mercy and blessings come to those who strive and work hard. All three of us- Alexander, Anthony and Premjith even today smile about this and thank GOD for his truly miraculous intervention and victory!