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J. Hebziba Beula

I thank God for his love and abundant grace in my life.Born and brought up in Christian family accepted Christ as my personal savior.

My childhood days was a total failure I was the least among all the students in my class, I have not passed even one exam except annual exam from my 4th standard to 12th standard. I was able to complete my schoolings only because, my mother used to come and pray in Bethesda every year before the school starts. By grace of God I was able to complete my 10th standard with 74%.

In my higher secondary I started going away from God I started seeking worldly pleasures. I started doing all bad deeds without my parent’s knowledge, my mind was filled with bad thoughts and I started to cut my classes and roam out with my friends. I thought my friends were my world and told God please don’t come into my life I love my friends more than you. My character became very worse I started hating my parents cheated my parents I used very harsh words to my mother and blamed her for every failure in my life. I started getting into bad friendship and my track was fully changed. All these affected my 12th board exam marks which disappointed my parents.

My friends who was everything to me started leaving me, I was in a helpless state as I was left alone by my loved ones and my family. I didn’t know what to do next with such a low marks of 59%, and thought of ending my life since I was a useless and my every part of my life was a failure. That was the time God started speaking to me inviting me to come to his presence. I thought let me ask God for His great forgiveness. Since my mark was very low they told I will not get engineering seat but I wished to do engineering, so me and my mother came to Bethesda and prayed for that , to my surprise one new Government order was passed that year stating engineering percentage was reduced from 60% to 55 % for admission I was really shocked that God has changed Government orders to fulfill my wish, then I gave my life to God asking forgiveness and started my new life, even though I am weak in my studies in my school days God gave me wisdom Knowledge to come out with 80% in my UG.

Then I thought of doing my PG, I wanted to do my studies near my home so I dint want to join Karunya. Me and my mother came to pray for PG degree in Bethesda at that time also my mother told better u join here but I told I don’t want to stay in hostel so I will not study here but somehow God changed my ways and brought me to Karunya University. Since I was from engineering background I found few subjects to be tough so every day evening after class I used to go to Bethesda and seek help from God, he helped me to pass all subjects, I was worrying about my future and was thinking, will I get a job, but God helped me to get placed in an MNC in my first interview itself. Even though I deserve nothing God is mindful of me and takes care of me. Many times there came many situations to take away my life from this earth but God protected me from all dangers and destructions. If God can change an filthy, unworthy, failure person like me, he can do wonderful things in your life too.