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Karunya Leadership & Management Club

The Karunya Leadership & Management Club (KLMC) is a non-academic platform for developing and deploying entrepreneurial and managerial skills for the benefit of our society as per Karunyas vision and mission. 
Why Leadership & Management Club? 
KLMC aims to use business and management tools and techniques to benefit our society on 8 dimensions: 
Water security
Food security
Energy security
Health security
Physically challenged destitutes
Mentally challenged destitutes
Terminally ill destitutes
Elderly destitutes
Who are the stakeholders of KLMC?
Stakeholders are those who can affect or is affected by an organisation, strategy or project. KLMC has a 2-tier stakeholding pyramid. 
Faculty: The Club is developed and managed by the faculty of Karunyas School of Business Leadership & Management. The faculty members are drawn from the Schools core specializations of: Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources. 
They have the knowledge, skills and attitude to guide Karunya students from diverse streams to develop their skills in leadership and managerial dimensions.
Students: KLMC is open to all Karunyans including students, researchers, and faculty from all departments. The Club is perfectly suited for someone who has a strong motivation to provide leadership to the society but does not know how to do so. 
SBLM faculty will provide the guidance to either develop participants skills to start their own business enterprise for the society or refine their skills to manage a corporate firm to help the society
What non-academic programmes will happen in KLMC?
Drawn from SBLMs core specializations and Karunya Universitys thrust areas, KLMC caters to five interest areas of our students: 
Personal Development Programme by the Faculty of Human Resources to develop personal, interpersonal, social, and career skills
Entrepreneurship Development Cell by the Faculty of Operations to impart business skills
Sales & Marketing Guild by the Faculty of Marketing to facilitate sales and market promotion skills
Finance & Economics Society by the Faculty of Finance to nurture commercial and financial skills