funded project

Research Details

Name of the faculty with designation Title of the Project Funding agency Grants received in Rs. Communication reference No.
Dr.N.Rajagopal Performance and its Socio Economic Impact of Neighbourhood group of Kudambashree – A Comparitive study between benefecieries of trial and non tribal in Kerala ICSSR Rs. 479450 (F.No.2-006/2010-RP-ICSSR)
Dr.J.ClementSudhakar Designing interactive marketing communication modules for small and medium industries in Coimbatore District ICSSR Rs.787000 (F.No.2/254/2011 -RP – ICSSR)
Dr. N. Rajagopal Utilization of information & communication technologies (ICT) by tribal communities, a study on” akshya project” in the district of Palakad ICSSR Rs. 30,00,000 (Under Salary Protection Scheme) (F.No.3-169/2013-2014/PDF.27/3/14)
Dr. R .Amudha Price volatility forecasting & risk management in Indian stock market NSE Rs 9,96,000 NiL
Dr.J.ClementSudhakar Designing Digital Marketing Modules for Sustainable Growth of MSMEs in Coimbatore District, TamilNadu” ICSSR Rs. 6,00,000 (F.No. 02/120/2016-17/RPR)