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Karunya University Business School was established in 1995 with the objective to deliver high quality management education. Over the past one and half decade has grown from a humble start and has attained the 40th rank among the Private B-Schools across the country according to the Careers 360 magazine rating 2014. Karunya School of Business, Leadership and Management has managed to implement numerous project for students, established General for effective learning, and gained recognition as the premier B-School for imparting management education in South India.
We will strive to make even more visible in India and elsewhere in the world. Most of the visions and long term plans of articulate that we will be on the driving seat among the B-Schools from this part of the region. This will however remain rhetoric unless this articulation is translated into strategies that empower teachers to produce high quality managers who will in turn steer Indias economies.
Amongst other things, will:
Devote its efforts in strengthening Academic Standards through Industry endorsed robust curriculum.
Continue raising standards for its faculty members for them to be able to produce better quality managers;
Facilitate national and international networking amongst business schools, as well as between business Schools and Industry through articulated MoUs.
Encourage Students to continue learning from and emulating strong leadership in the world;
Encourage dialogue and mutual working relations between governments, business sectors and business schools;
Build strong links with Alumni in the diaspora and with all other well wishers in the development of .

I believe that is well positioned to make a major contribution to the development of business world through supply of trained and committed personnel to take on corporate responsibilities.