• To provide effective, responsive and innovative services.

•  Utilize library and information technology innovatively and appropriately.

• Develop and maintain effective and efficient infrastructure to provide and deliver  information services.

•  Support and enhance teaching and learning processes by delivering and promoting  the effective use of information resources.

•  Provide an information rich environment that supports and encourages excellence in research scholars.

• Promote the standing and good reputation of the University through excellence in library services, collaboration with other    organizations and staff contribution to the user community.

• To provide access to an electronic catalog of materials, organized according to nationally recognized and accepted standards, which    includes access to other indexes and full-text materials and provides a 'gateway' to a wide variety of external resources

•  To provide a well-organized collection of books, periodicals, audiovisual and electronic media which meets the instructional needs of     students and faculty in order to support the courses, programs and degrees offered

•  To maintain a current and useful library collection reflecting the needs of all courses, degrees and programs