The University Computer Technology Centre offers world class computing facility to the Karunya community.  The computing resources include advanced servers and powerful workstations.  A state-of-the-art campus network with fiber optic backbone and a 100 Mbps Leased line Internet connection and 1 Gbps from NKN which is one among 400 Universities offer unlimited access of Internet for the students and staff round the clock, for their educational and research needs.

                The servers include the IBM Flex system with Pureflex X240 nodes, IBM Blade Centre HS21 Blades, IBM Proliant D180 G6, IBM X3650 X3, IBM X3650 series, IBM X365 series, IBM X346 series and Sun Fire T2000.

                The Computer Technology Centre provides e-mail services to the entire Karunya community. Our network is secured through content Filtering using Enterprise grade Fortigate 3240C Firewall .  

                The Computer Technology Centre with a total floor area of 3750 sq.m houses 20 Computer laboratories with centralized air conditioning and adequate uninterruptible power supply.

                 The Karunya campus LAN interconnecting about 1757 computers serve the needs of the students, faculty, and the administrative staff of the University.  Desktops in the campus are branded Personal Computers like HP, Acer & Lenova