All Students are expected to enroll themselves in Non Academic Activities (NAA) under the Centre for Extension Activities . NAA are those activities that are outside the regular academic programme. NAA are a means to enhance social interaction, leadership development, self-discipline and self-confidence and are compulsory for students of Karunya University, especially in the first and second years of graduate and integrated M.Sc. courses and in the first year of post graduate students. However, students are allowed to volunteer for these activities in the third and fourth years of their courses as an optional and voluntary activity.

Students have to earn credits from their involvement in these Non Academic Activities. However, students do not necessarily need to appear for formal examinations in order to earn credits under these. These are held / organized outside the standard academic hours of Non Academic Working Days (NAWD) of the University. These activities are considered significant in the wider context of education and employability of young men and women, who pass out of the University

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Objectives of offering Non Academic Activities by Karunya University

• To help develop social commitment and to expose the students to get sensitized to social realities and to build a link between the student community and the wider community

• To help students in total and integrated personality development.

• To prepare the students for future life, by developing qualities such as cooperation, team spirit, leadership, discipline and development of creative talents.

• To boost the self-confidence of students.

• To enhance the social interaction, inter-personal communication skills and develop emotional maturity of students

• To enhance the employability of students

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